PickupThai is proud to present our latest e-book, “365 Must-Know Thai Phrases for Everyday Conversation” [Exactly as Said by Native Speakers].

☑  Includes 365 commonly used phrases worth knowing.
☑  Teaches natural-sounding sentences as expressed by native Thai speakers.
☑  Sentences drawn from various everyday life scenarios one is likely to encounter.
Includes not only translations of each phrase, but also of every word in the sentence to help learners achieve optimal understanding.
☑  Grammar and cultural points clearly explained.
☑  Teaches many grammar rules and words that other Thai books don’t mention.
☑  Presented in the form of printable flashcards.
☑  Anki flashcard decks included.
☑  High quality audio recordings included.
 Presented in both Thai script and transliteration.
 Suitable for Thai learners of all levels.
 Phrases tailored to the learner’s gender.
 Includes useful phrases for tourists.
 Includes useful phrases for people looking to make friends with a Thai person.
 Includes useful phrases for people seeking or in a relationship with a Thai person.
 Teaches one phrase at a time. Very easy to follow.
 Can be studied at your own pace.
 Written and designed by professional Thai teachers with 10 years of experience in the field.

Read more about this book.
Download samples, its accompanying audio and the Anki flashcards.

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