If you are looking for a Thai teacher who truly understands what language studies are all about and is enthusiastic to help you succeed in learning, then you should look nowhere else! We are more than certain that you will like the experience of studying Thai with us as we always make it fun and easy to understand! Here are 8 reasons why you should take lessons with us.

1. Our lessons are private, one-on-one.

It’s no wonder that the best method of studying a language is a one-on-one private class where the student gets the teacher’s complete attention. If you go to a language school, you won’t get as much chance to practice speaking or get your mistakes corrected as you would with a private teacher. And the amount of practice is the biggest factor of your success studying Thai.

2. We are native Thai speakers, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since Thai pronunciation is truly tricky and delicate, it is undoubtedly a smart idea to start your lessons with a native Thai teacher who was born and raised in Thailand, so that you learn the correct pronunciation from the very beginning. We have used Thai as our mother tongue our whole lives, so we know how Thai people really speak. This is very important because it means that we can tell you when textbooks are teaching you something that Thai people wouldn’t use, and give you the natural version of that expression instead. Moreover, since our hometown is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, we speak the official Thai language with the standard accent. Apart from the language, because we grew up in Thai culture, we can also teach you about it, which will help you a great deal to understand and speak Thai better.

3. We are language learners ourselves so we understand you!

Some native Thai teachers might not know what you experience while trying to learn this new complicated language called “Thai” because they never had to learn it the way you do it – as a foreign language. But while we also picked up Thai naturally, we have studied so many foreign languages that we have been through all the different experiences that studying a foreign language can give you. We have studied English, so we know how it takes time to be able to understand what native speakers say despite years and years of study and we understand how it is to learn a language that has a completely different pronunciation system than your own. We have also studied Japanese, so we understand what it’s like to have to remember a new set of foreign characters that seems nearly impossible to memorize. Khru Yuki Tachaya has learned basic Chinese and khru Miki Chidchaya, basic Vietnamese, which are both tonal languages just like Thai; so if you struggle with the tones, believe us when we say we understand your frustration. Apart from that, khru Yuki Tachaya has also learned French and Portuguese. When you take a lesson with us and we see you having a problem with the pronunciation or the characters, we will be patient with you, encourage you and guide you to overcome the obstacles because we have been there too and we know what you are going through! You won’t believe how comforting it is to have an understanding teacher. For Japanese speakers, we do offer classes in Japanese too. There is no need to learn a foreign language through another foreign language.

4. We also have educational credentials, knowledge about languages and linguistics and rich experiences in teaching.

It might be true that any native Thai speaker can teach you Thai, at least the basic phrases, but if you want to study Thai seriously and are looking for someone with educational credentials, we are here for you. Our focus of education has been languages ever since we were in high school. Apart from our passions for language studies, we both received the Bachelor of Arts degree in languages from the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. Moreover, khru Yuki Tachaya was also awarded a scholarship from the Japanese Government (Ministry of Education) to study second language acquisition and Japanese Teaching for two years at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, a university specialized in language studies. Khru Yuki Tachaya started giving private lessons of Thai as a second language to non-Thai learners in 2008 and khru Miki Chidchaya in 2009. Since then we have taught people from virtually every inhabited continent in the world: Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

5. Our lessons are extremely flexible in every aspect.

Since we are now working as private Thai teachers full-time, we are able to offer you a high degree of convenience in scheduling your classes. Despite your tight work schedule and hectic personal life, we can arrange classes at a time that works for you! We are available to for classes seven days a week, from early morning to late at night. You can choose almost any time that suits you to study with us. Plus, if you have spent money in vain to language schools that oblige you to pay in bulk for a specific period of time, including classes that you couldn’t attend, you don’t need to worry any longer. With us, you can make an appointment for a class any time you want, and we mean it! Say, this week you want to study on Wednesday and again on Saturday and next week you are available on Tuesday and Sunday instead, it is absolutely fine. We can schedule class by class. Our time is totally flexible! Moreover, if you happen to have some deadline to meet and you want to pause for a week or two, or even a month or longer, you can also put the lessons on hold and resume once you have time again. More than that, you have complete freedom to design your own classes, please read “All you want to know about our lessons” for more details. Last but not least, you can also choose for us to speak both Thai and English in the class or to teach you everything in Thai except for when it’s necessary to explain in English! Seriously, you can design your lessons the way you want them to be!

6. We provide convenient and efficient Skype lessons!

If you have never tried having a lesson via Skype before, we need to tell you that Skype classes will make your life much easier. You won’t have to waste time commuting to class and returning anymore. Instead, you can study from home, so you can set your own environment up exactly the way you like it for optimum relaxation. If you live in Bangkok, Thailand, you can choose either an in-person class or a Skype class with khru Miki Chidchaya; and if you live in Los Angeles, California, you can meet up with khru Yuki Tachaya for classes in person or on Skype. We really do recommend Skype lessons across the board. Not only do they save time and energy, they’re also cost-saving. The convenience is unbeatable, and there really is nothing we do in person that we can’t do online just as well.

7. We are committed to helping you succeed.

As language professionals with a personal focus, we are committed to helping you learn and succeed. While we teach, we allow you to record the lessons so that you can review what you’ve learned by yourself later as we believe that repetition is the key to internalize the language, rather than rote-memorization. And, once you’ve become our student, we will always take care of you and make sure we can help any way we can. While you’re practicing the language on your own, if some questions or doubts pop up, you can wait until the next class to ask us or get help right away! You can always send the questions to our email address any time and we’ll give you prompt answers. We believe that consistency is one of the most important factors that contribute to success in language learning. If you have not taken a class for a while, we will also send you a reminder email to make sure you don’t forget about your Thai lessons. Most importantly, one method that works for one person might not work for another, so our lessons are customized according to each individual student. You can design your own lessons and choose what aspect you want to focus on and your own learning materials, as well as the length and frequency of the classes. Everything is very flexible because we want to ensure the best result for each one of our students.

8. We can use the best materials for learning Thai in the classes!

Of course, we’re talking about “PickupThai Podcast.” Haven’t you heard how amazing they are? PickupThai podcasts are Thai teaching materials that we’ve developed based on our experiences of teaching Thai to foreigners. We make the lessons fun and entertaining by including interesting stories that keep your interest and make you want to continue listening or reading and by sprinkling humor everywhere. They are nothing like the typical Thai teaching materials you have ever used or seen before. One advantage you have from taking lessons with us is that our lessons are designed for self-study. So you can save extra time and money that you might otherwise spend on private lessons. You can review on your own and meet us later for further explanations, quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding or for skill practice. Plus, we are the producers of these podcasts so we completely comprehend every aspect of them. There are many elements of these podcasts that other Thai teachers might not be able to explain, such as ending particles that don’t add any meaning to the sentence but do convey mood and help express emotions. Nearly all of the textbooks on the market leave those things out so most Thai teachers aren’t used to them. But we will be able to explain them to you, because we literally “wrote the book.” There are other teachers of Thai available, but if you want to learn REAL Thai that works in real life, not some watered down and irrelevant faranged version, then our services are for you.

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