PickupThai podcasts are fun and interactive Thai audio lessons
that teach you to speak real and natural-sounding Thai, exactly the way Thais speak!
Forget the dry boring textbooks you have been using and learn “Real Spoken Thai” with us!

* Affordable Prices
* Created by Native Speakers

* Based on Fun & Exciting Stories
* Up-to-date Content

* Packed with Humor & Jokes
* Useful for Everyday Life

* Male and Female Voices
* Interactive & Engaging

* Natural Speech by Real People

* Clear & High Quality Sound
* Audio Available in Normal & Slower Speeds

* Easy-to-read PDF Study Sheets
* Copy & Paste, OK!

* Learn Vocab & Expressions from Contexts
* Examples of Usages of Sentence Structures

* Lessons Sold in Packages & Individually
* Available for Learners of All Levels

* Developed by Professional Thai teachers


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PickupThai podcasts are designed and created by two native teachers of Thai as a foreign language, khru Yuki Tachaya and khru Miki Chidchaya. After years of experience teaching Thai to foreigners, yukimiki2we realized that the complete lack of instructional materials to teach “real” spoken Thai was holding many of our students back, especially the ones who had gone just beyond the beginner level.

We’ve always believed that learning from media like watching movies in the target language is one of the best ways to pick up any foreign language you’re learning, but it’s not so easy to jump from beginner to that level without some method to help make the transition. So we created a bridge to connect beginners and basic level Thai learners to the next higher level, the world of real Thai usage. We love using media to teach Thai this way because it’s so effective. That’s because it’s fun and the stories are entertaining, so students absorb new material more easily and tend to remember more of what they learn. So when we sat down to create our own lessons we borrowed those ideas, and created interesting and entertaining stories for our lessons, with lots of humor in them. After several years of development and refinement with our students, the finished product is now here for you to enjoy and learn from, our “PickupThai Podcast.”

Complete beginner or fluent speaker? It doesn’t matter. No matter what level you are at, we have lessons that are appropriate for you. PickupThai Podcast will give you a whole new and effective way to learn Thai! These lessons are designed to teach you the most practical and authentic colloquial Thai possible! If you like to have fun and be entertained while you learn, PickupThai Podcast lessons are for you!


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Our Podcast Courses

[ Beginner Course ]

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Lesson Structure:

1. 3 sets of vocabulary (introduced one set at a time)
2. Vocabulary practice divided into 3 parts
3. Short conversation with translations
4. Additional vocabulary
5. Speaking practice (role play)

Duration: Approximately 30-40 minutes per lesson

Total duration:20 hours (the entire course)

Total number of vocabulary words taught:1669

Price per lesson: 99 THB (discounts available)

Total number of lessons: 33

Price of the total course: 2,390 THB (80 THB per lesson)

Free samples: Lessons 1, 2 and 3

PDF Study sheets: Both Thai script & Transliterated versions provided.


[ Intermediate Course ]

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Lesson Structure:

1. Medium-length conversation at normal speed
2. Medium-length conversation at slower speed
4. Vocabulary with translations
5. Sentence structures and examples with translations
6. Speaking practice.

Duration:Approximately 40 minutes per lesson

Total Duration: 23 hours 23 minutes (the entire course)

Total number of vocabulary words taught: 1063

Price per lesson: 149 THB (discounts available)

Total number of lessons: 35

Price of the entire course: 3,680 THB (115 THB per lesson)

Free Samples: Lessons 1 & 11

PDF Study Sheets: Both Thai script & Transliterated versions provided.


[ Advanced Course ]

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Lesson Structure:

First half

1. 1st Long conversation at normal speed
2. Open-ended questions
3. 1st Long conversation at normal speed
4. Vocabulary with translations
5. Open-ended questions with answers
6. True or false questions
7. Sentence structures and examples
(English translations provided on the study sheets)

Second Half

1. 2nd Long conversation at normal speed
2. Open-ended questions
3. 2nd Long conversation at normal speed
4. Vocabulary with translations
5. Open-ended questions with answers
6. True or false questions
7. Sentence structures and examples
(English translations provided on the study sheets)

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Total Duration: 22 hours 22 minutes (the entire course)

Total number of vocabulary words taught: 1966

Price per lesson: 179 THB (discounts available)

Total number of lessons: 35

Price of the entire course: 4,320 THB (135 THB per lesson)

Free Samples: Lessons 1 & 11

PDF Study Sheets: Both Thai script & Transliterated versions provided.


Which course is the right one for me?
An Overview of the 3 Courses


For Complete beginners

If this is the first time you’re looking to study Thai and you have zero experience studying the language, “Creamy Coconut” is designed specifically for you. Vocabulary words will be introduced a few at a time, followed by practice to help you commit new words to memory, so it won’t be overwhelming. The pace will be slower than normal, but the conversation will still sound natural – it won’t sound like some robots talking.

You will learn basic sentence structures handy in everyday life which can be easily adapted to your own situation. You’ll also get to practice listening and speaking, as well as learn how to ask and answer questions using the short conversation presented after the vocabulary and sentences sections. Finally, you’ll hear a list of extra vocabulary words that appear in the conversation.

Upon completion of the course, you will be accustomed to listening to Thai and know how to carry on basic conversations, as well as have knowledge of all of the basic sentence structures and vocabulary from various categories that every Thai learner should know. Creamy Coconut gives you the foundation you need to move on to higher levels.

If you want to challenge yourself to move to higher levels faster, and want a more intensive course, we recommend that you also try our “Sweet Green” course simultaneously.


For Beginners

For beginners who have studied Thai for just a few weeks and still have trouble composing simple sentences, get our “Creamy Coconut” course. You will learn all the essential everyday vocabulary that all Thai learners need to know as well as all the basic sentence structures.

For those who have been studying Thai for a few months and are quite familiar with the Thai language, use our “Sweet Green” course, which is suitable for both upper-beginner and intermediate learners, to improve your skills. You will expand your existing basic knowledge and learn to communicate at more practical and useful levels. “Sweet Green” will teach you to explore new ways to use the words you already know and apply them to many useful situations. You’ll also learn new colloquial expressions that Thais use every day, but which are hardly mentioned in textbooks, if at all.

“Sweet Green” is the ideal course to improve both your listening and speaking skills, while simultaneously expanding your vocabulary and practicing sentence structures. If you want to improve your Thai and better express yourself when talking to Thai friends, “Sweet Green” is designed for you.

If you need to brush up your Thai and review all the fundamental vocabulary and grammar rules that you already know, to get a stronger base knowledge, “Creamy Coconut” together with “Sweet Green” is the perfect combination to help you reach that goal.


For Intermediate level learners

For the best results, we recommend that you get both “Sweet Green” and “Spicy Red” courses. While “Sweet Green” lessons are beginner-friendly, they are more complex and advanced than any other typical beginner courses, and thus are suitable for upper-beginner and intermediate learners.

The vocabulary, expressions and sentence structures in our “Sweet Green” lessons get more difficult as you complete each lesson. And since we made the conversations realistic, they sound exactly the way real Thai people do when they talk. That means the expressions you learn will not be simplified and will sound completely natural. You will experience a brand new way of studying basic Thai with our PickupThai podcasts because our lessons are not like other basic Thai textbooks or materials you have seen. Our “Sweet Green” course will provide you with a better understanding of Thai conversational expressions and new knowledge.

If you want to get only one course to start with, get “Sweet Green” if you want to take it slow and get “Spicy Red” if you want something more advanced, intensive and challenging but fun at the same time.

If you define your Thai level as upper-intermediate or advanced-intermediate, and do not want to bother reviewing anything you’ve previously learned, we recommend that you try our Sweet Green lessons 21-35. After that, go ahead and move on to our “Spicy Red” course. It is a rare advanced Thai course. You won’t have the English translation to remind you of those old days where you were beginning to understand Thai and needed help. Our “Spicy Red” course will give you a new and exciting Thai learning experience.

You will get to make the most of your existing Thai skills and knowledge in listening and trying to comprehend what’s going on in the stories, all the while learning new and useful colloquial expressions. While the course is designed for teaching Thai to Thai learners – with all the comprehension quizzes and teaching of sentence structures and vocabulary – the language used in the course and the speed of the conversations are an authentic reproduction of what Thai people speak like in real life. And, like all our courses, “Spicy Red” is interesting and funny. So much so that it could just as well be used as entertainment for native Thai speakers. “Spicy Red” will definitely be the most natural-sounding Thai course materials you will ever come across.


For Advanced learners

“Spicy Red” was made for you. If you find reading a book in Thai or listening to a movie in Thai is still too difficult for you, this course is the bridge you’ve been looking for, that will connect you from the world of Thai learning to the real world. It’s the closest thing to real-life media such as movies or novels – except that our “Spicy Red” course is created specifically for Thai learners, so not only will you enjoy our fun stories, but you will also improve your existing Thai knowledge and skills.

In every lesson you will be quizzed based on the story you’ve just listened to, to make sure that you understand what’s going on. This important quiz section was carefully designed to help you master your listening and comprehension skills.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll also learn various useful sentences that are commonly used in the spoken language but are never included in textbooks. All of this will prepare you for the real world of Thai usage.

Upon the completion of this course, you will find it much easier to understand real-life materials you come across in everyday life.

If you’re still not sure which course would be right for you, our best advice is to complete a lesson from each course. After that, you’ll know which course is right for you, and you can stick with the one that you found most helpful. If you need any help deciding, feel free to send us an email at contact@pickup-thai.com. Describe your Thai knowledge background and we will do our best to evaluate your skills and choose the right course for you.