We’re not the teachers you’re looking for?

That’s alright. We understand. We’ll get through it. In that case, let us help you look for your ideal Thai teacher! We offer this as a 100% FREE service. Keep all of your money. We need $0 from you. With this service, you can choose exactly what you want for your classes, the rate, the frequency, the times and days, the location and many other things. Not only that, you can also specify what type of teacher you’re looking for. You can choose their gender, age, language proficiency, educational level, experiences etc.


How does this service work?

It’s really easy. Just let us know all your preferences by completing the form below. We’ll start looking for a tutor that meets your requirements. As soon as we locate a suitable tutor, we will contact you with information about the teacher(s). It usually takes just a few days after we receive your request.


Your Thai wife is looking for an English teacher?

We can help her too! Or we can find an English language teacher for any other Thai person learning English. So you can have us look for a Thai teacher for you and an English teacher for your Thai partner. Just fill out one form below for each of you.


Will the class be free?

Unfortunately, we have a hard time finding people who will work for free. Still, we’re delighted to help you find a tutor for free. After that, you’ll have to pay your new tutor for the classes – but for the price you’ve chosen yourself! Does that sound fair?


If you don’t like the teacher that we find for you, that’s OK!

You are not required to take classes from the teacher(s) that we find for you. That’s right. We don’t ask for a commitment or any compensation from you. It’s that good! So, try our service. You have nothing to lose. The teacher pays us a small one-time commission for our service, and if you quit, we’ll give them a refund. However, if you happen to find your own teacher or you give up of the idea of looking for one after you have submitted the form, please notify us so we can spend time looking for a teacher for someone else.


You may wonder if there really is an ideal teacher for you..

We can’t promise that we’ll be able to find someone that matches “all” of your preferences, but we will try our best to find a tutor that meets your qualifications as closely as possible. Who knows, maybe your ideal tutor is just waiting for us to match him or her up with you! If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] If we can’t find somebody for you, we’ll notify you by email. But that’s going to be a very rare case!


Here’s what our user has to say about his experience using the service.
“PickupThai always provided me an excellent service when finding me a tutor. I asked for a specific criteria when looking for tutor and they matched the criteria I asked for in a timely and efficient manner.”
Stephen Dampier, Lincolnshire, UK.

Are you ready?
Go ahead and fill out the form below and leave the rest to us!

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What language do you want to study?

Are you looking for Skype or in-person lessons?
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Do you require that the teacher be a native speaker of the language you study?
YesNoI want a teacher who speaks my language as their mother tongue.

What gender would you prefer your tutor be?
MaleFemaleI don't care.

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What payment method would you prefer to use?
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