As linguists, we are well aware that practice makes perfect and independent study is a huge contributor to success in language learning. That’s why we created “Self-Study Guiding Services” – to help enthusiastic learners like you learn and practice correct Thai at home! Have you ever gotten stuck on something you didn’t understand while practicing Thai with no one around to answer your question? If you’re an enthusiastic independent learner who sometimes gets lost or confused, you’re the kind of person “Self-Study Guiding Services” are designed to help. Get back on track fast and learn correct Thai quickly so you can speak and write more like a native with “Self-Study Guiding Services”! They are designed to help you learn Thai efficiently and correctly and use Thai like a Thai person!

We offer 3 affordable customized services as follows. Click on each one to see the details.

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If you have any other cool ideas of how we can help you learn Thai efficiently, feel free to share them with us at [email protected].