1. How do I gain access to the lesson(s) I’ve purchased?
Answer: We will deliver the lesson(s) you’ve ordered to the email address that you specified during payment within 24 hours of receiving the notification of your payment. If you haven’t received them within that time frame, please contact us at contact@pickup-thai.com. Don’t forget to check your spam folder before reaching us.

2. When were these podcasts produced?
Answer: Sweet Green and Spicy Red were simultaneously produced beginning in August 2014, and were completed in November 2015. The first podcast, “Sweet Green 1,” was released on the 1st of August, 2014. “Spicy Red 1” was released a week after, on the 7th. The last Sweet Green lesson was released on the 21st and the last Spicy Red lesson, the 28th of November, 2015. The production period for Creamy Coconut ran from April 10th, 2016 to February 28th, 2017.

3. What formats do the lessons come in?
Answer: The audio files are provided in MP3 format, and the accompanying text of the dialogs, vocabulary words, and sentence structures is provided in PDF format. All the files can be downloaded and played/opened on any operating system.

4. Can I copy and paste the Thai text from the PDF study sheets onto other programs?
Answer: For every lesson, we provide the text in a WORD format, along with the PDF file. Copying text from the PDFs can’t be done smoothly so we suggest you do it from the WORD files instead. However, please note that while the WORD files do contain all of the vocabulary words in Thai script, they do not contain all the information as on the PDFs.

5. Can I download the podcasts onto my iPad or tablet?
Answer: You can transfer MP3 files onto your iPad via iTunes. To do that, first you need to download the lessons onto your computer, then use iTunes to transfer the files onto your iPad. Alternatively, you can download one of the free zip apps from the App Store, and then unzip the files. For any other tablets or book readers, you can download the files directly onto your device.

6. How often should I listen to the podcasts?
Answer: As often as possible. We recommend that you do it at least a little bit every day. You can play the podcasts in the car while you drive, or while you do house chores. You don’t have to dedicate 30 minutes or an hour to just sitting and listening to the podcasts. The more you listen to Thai being spoken, the more familiar your ears will get to hearing Thai, and the faster your progress will be. Of course you also should find time to look at the study sheets for better understanding. We recommend you read the study sheets while listening to the podcast at least once for each lesson. You will find this very helpful.

7. Do Anki flashcard decks come with every podcast?
Answer: No, while we do have the flashcard decks for the free sample lessons, they’re not included for every lesson. The theory behind PickupThai Podcast is “learning from context through stories and remembering words naturally through repeated exposure to real usage.” We don’t fully encourage the use of flashcards as we don’t believe rote-memorization is the most effective way to learn a language. However, we can’t deny that Anki has gained popularity among our customers. Many of them mentioned to us that they incorporated the use of flashcards into their learning of our podcasts and find it useful. So we decided to make some decks as samples to show our prospective customers another possible way to help them learn in case some of them are interested in the idea. Anki decks can be created by anyone. To help make it easier and more convenient for our customers who want to create these flashcards, we provide a spreadsheet containing all of the vocabulary words from the lessons. If you plan to make the flashcards, having this spreadsheet will save you a lot of time and hassles. Starting August 2020, the spreadsheet will automatically be sent to customers who order a complete Creamy Coconut, Sweet Green or Spicy Red course in an email along with their order. If you purchased a full podcast course before then and would like to have the spreadsheet, please feel free to send us a request at contact@pickup-thai.com and we will send it to you at no cost.

8. How do I buy the podcasts?
Answer: Go to the page of the course you’re interested in, Creamy Coconut, Sweet Green or Spicy Red and click on the “add to cart” button located after each lesson to make a purchase. If you’d like to buy many lessons and get discounts, check out our “value packages” page.

9. Can I pay in a different currency other than Thai baht?
Answer: If you buy a package of 10, 20 or 30 Creamy Coconut lessons or a package of 10, 22, 32 Sweet Green or Spicy Red lessons, you can choose to pay in US dollar, British pound or Euro. For other currencies, the total amount of payment needs to be equivalent of 5,000 THB or over. If you prefer to pay in a different currency other than Thai baht, please contact us at contact@pickup-thai.com for a price confirmation before you make a payment.

10. Who made the illustrations?
Answer: The illustrations in all of the three courses, Creamy Coconut, Sweet Green and Spicy Red, were made by Khru Yuki Tachaya. What’s her favorite one? The one in the first part of “Spicy Red 16: Love Without Boundaries.” Which ones do you particularly like? We’d love to know! Send us your answers at contact@pickup-thai.com.

11. Can I buy the podcasts as a gift to someone?
Answer: If you purchase the podcasts as a gift to someone, just tell us this is your intention and provide us with the recipient’s email address. You can send us an email right after making the payment or you can enter the recipient’s name and email address in the “Enter your order description” blank at the time of payment. We will send the lessons to that person instead of you, with a message telling him or her that it is sent as a gift from you. We’ll also send you a confirmation email.

12. Will there be more lessons added in the future?
Answer: Currently there are no plans to continue the series but the possibility that we may resume production of the podcasts in the future is always open.

13. Are there any other sellers of PickupThai Podcast?
Answer: No, we are the sole authorized seller of the podcasts. We do not participate in any affiliate programs with any other company or individual. Anyone else selling or distributing our products is committing the punishable crime of copyright infringement. If you know of anyone doing this, we would greatly appreciate it if you would report it to us. You can do so anonymously if you like.

Didn’t find your question here? Send us your inquiries here or email us at contact@pickup-thai.com.


  1. igor elev

    Thank you for making another great resource to study Thai. It keeps me busy reading the second day. Especially I like the trivia and notes about slang and teen language. It’s a pity that I am too far from Bangkok to take personal lessons.

    • PickupThai

      Thank you so much for your comment. We’re happy to hear that you love our site. In fact, we do provide Skype lessons so you don’t have to be in Thailand to study with us. The Internet makes it very easy for the world to connect nowadays. Feel free to look “Private Lessons” from the menu bar for more information on our private lessons. Otherwise, we also provide a free tutor-finding service where we look for a teacher for you – for free! Go to “Services > Find Me A Tutor” if you’re interested 🙂


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