[Beginner Course]
Creamy Coconut 1: John & Yoko’s First Encounter F r e e
Creamy Coconut 2: The Price to Pay F r e e
Creamy Coconut 3: A Language in Common F r e e
Creamy Coconut 4: The Final Choice
Creamy Coconut 5: The Lucky Girl
Creamy Coconut 6: What to Wear to the Gala?
Creamy Coconut 7: A Lonely Child
Creamy Coconut 8: The Sleeping Problem
Creamy Coconut 9: Aren’t You Jealous?
Creamy Coconut 10: I Will
Creamy Coconut 11: The Special Guest
Creamy Coconut 12: The Bad Worker
Creamy Coconut 13: How I’ll Go to School
Creamy Coconut 14: The Lost Pieces
Creamy Coconut 15: Never Enough
Creamy Coconut 16: You’re Incredible!
Creamy Coconut 17: My Future Plan
Creamy Coconut 18: Usually Smart
Creamy Coconut 19: Where I’ve Been to
Creamy Coconut 20: Give Me A Break
Creamy Coconut 21: Give Me Back My Bookcase
Creamy Coconut 22: What We Have to Buy
Creamy Coconut 23: Shopping for the Whole Family
Creamy Coconut 24: The Most Unfortunate One
Creamy Coconut 25: An Animal Lover
Creamy Coconut 26: Unlike Father, Unlike Son
Creamy Coconut 27: A Perfect Start
Creamy Coconut 28: Accidental Revelation
Creamy Coconut 29: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
Creamy Coconut 30: Where I’ll Stay
Creamy Coconut 31: My Dream House
Creamy Coconut 32: Nothing Serious
Creamy Coconut 33: The Ultimate Plan 

[Intermediate Course]
Sweet Green 1: Man & Mandy F r e e
Sweet Green 2: On the Way to Thailand
Sweet Green 3: Eating Out
Sweet Green 4: In a Taxi
Sweet Green 5: I Love Your Dress!
Sweet Green 6: Indebted
Sweet Green 7: Buying Papaya Salad
Sweet Green 8: A Sudden Change
Sweet Green 9: Dad’s Permission
Sweet Green 10: Looking for Big Flip-Flops
Sweet Green 11: I’m Busy F r e e
Sweet Green 12: Let’s Go Have Dinner
Sweet Green 13: A Long Walk to an ATM
Sweet Green 14: The Unique Presents
Sweet Green 15: Buying a Movie Ticket
Sweet Green 16: The Perfect Shot
Sweet Green 17: My Car Got Stolen!
Sweet Green 18: The Hotel’s Special Deal
Sweet Green 19: A Mysterious Phone Call
Sweet Green 20: The Songkran Festival
Sweet Green 21: The Biggest Fan
Sweet Green 22: The Pronunciation Mistake
Sweet Green 23: You Shouldn’t Go to Disney Now
Sweet Green 24: The Real Reason
Sweet Green 25: Cut & Curl 2140
Sweet Green 26: Yes to the Sea, No to the Sun
Sweet Green 27: My Alcoholic Wife Gives Me Headaches!
Sweet Green 28: Who Takes the Trash Out
Sweet Green 29: You Can Have My Seat
Sweet Green 30: Are You Interested in Me?
Sweet Green 31: Horribly Healthy
Sweet Green 32: At the Post Office F r e e
Sweet Green 33: Can You Be My Boyfriend?
Sweet Green 34: The Bedtime Story
Sweet Green 35: The Perfect Condo

[Advanced Course]
Spicy Red 1: Massage & Fish Spa F r e e
Spicy Red 2: Cakes for a Birthday Party
Spicy Red 3: Where’s My Suit?
Spicy Red 4: You Get What You Give
Spicy Red 5: Old Guy Learning English
Spicy Red 6: A Family Guy
Spicy Red 7: A Trip to Remember
Spicy Red 8: The Love Affair
Spicy Red 9: Forget About It!
Spicy Red 10: The Multilingual Family
Spicy Red 11: The Soulmate F r e e
Spicy Red 12: What a Small World!
Spicy Red 13: Strangers at the Airport
Spicy Red 14: The Newlyweds on a Vacation Trip
Spicy Red 15: The Pastry Shop Startup
Spicy Red 16: Love Without Boundaries
Spicy Red 17: Meeting with a Psychiatrist
Spicy Red 18: A Family Day Out at the Zoo
Spicy Red 19: Eating Hot Pot at MK
Spicy Red 20: Bangkok Sightseeing
Spicy Red 21: Let’s Make Your Mommy Proud
Spicy Red 22: Finding Love Online
Spicy Red 23: It’s Time to Grow Up
Spicy Red 24: Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?
Spicy Red 25: The Thai Food Expert
Spicy Red 26: The In-Law Conflict
Spicy Red 27: Freedom
Spicy Red 28: It’s All About Teamwork
Spicy Red 29: A Weird Crime
Spicy Red 30: Used Car Shopping
Spicy Red 31: You’re The One
Spicy Red 32: My First Time Singing F r e e
Spicy Red 33: The Watermelon Project
Spicy Red 34: My Difficult Life
Spicy Red 35: Compassion


  1. Natalia

    Hi , Quick question:
    If I would like to get all the lessons in a course , how can I do that ? At the moment , it makes me click on each lesson to add to the basket but is there a way to click once and add all the lessons in one go ?




    • Dear khun Natalia, please go to this page: http://pickup-thai.com/value-packages/ and select whatever course you’d like to buy. Not only will you receive all of the lessons from that course, you will also get them at a discounted price. Thank you for your interest in learning Thai with us.


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