PickupThai offers three types of services – “Self-Study Guiding Services” to help Thai learners practice their Thai skills and get answers to questions, “Language Services” to facilitate all your Thai-English and English-Thai communications, and a free tutor-finding service “Find Me A Tutor.”


Self-Study Guiding Services

“Self-Study Guiding Services” include “Ask Us Any time,” to resolve your doubts and answer your questions – or if you just want to understand something more clearly. For intermediate and advanced learners, our “Speak Like A Thai” and “Write Like A Thai” services will help you take your reading, writing, and speaking to the next level. You’ll learn to speak and write more like a native speaker, make fewer mistakes and acquire a deeper understanding of the language. These services are perfect for independent learners who understand the importance of a professional coach to help them stay on track with pronunciation and writing.

For more information, click on each image below.

Ask Us Any Time

Speak Like A Thai

Write Like A Thai


Language Services

Our “Language Services” include “Translation,” “Interpretation,” “Transcription,” and “Audio Recording.” If you need help communicating with Thai people but don’t want to bother taking lessons, these services are for you. Thai learners can also use these services to help learn the language.

If you’re looking for any other type of language services or think we can help you with anything else other than the services listed above, feel free to contact us at service@pickup-thai.com.

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