Book Title: 365 Must-Know Thai Phrases for Everyday Conversation [Exactly as Said by Native Speakers]

Authors: Yuki Tachaya & Miki Chidchaya

Key Features: Why this book is different from other Thai books and you should get it.

 Includes 365 commonly used phrases worth knowing.
Teaches natural-sounding sentences as expressed by native Thai speakers.
 Sentences drawn from various everyday life scenarios one is likely to encounter.
Includes not only translations of each phrase, but also of every word in the sentence to help learners achieve optimal understanding.
 Grammar and cultural points clearly explained.
Teaches many grammar rules and words that other Thai books don’t mention.
 Presented in the form of printable flashcards.
 Anki flashcard decks included.
High quality audio recordings included.
Presented in both Thai script and transliteration.
Suitable for Thai learners of all levels.
Phrases tailored to the learner’s gender.
Includes useful phrases for tourists.
Includes useful phrases for people looking to make friends with a Thai person.
Includes useful phrases for people seeking or in a relationship with a Thai person.
Teaches one phrase at a time. Very easy to follow.
Can be studied at your own pace.
Written and designed by professional Thai teachers with 10 years of experience in the field.

PickupThai is proud to present our latest e-book, featuring 365 of the most commonly used and worthwhile phrases for Thai learners and travelers.

The package includes a book with printable flashcards to help you memorize them. After you print out the flashcards you can take them with you in your pocket anywhere you go, or put them up somewhere where you can see them all day long; like on the wall of your bedroom, or in your cubicle at work. You can even use a printout of the cards as a disposable placemat, so you learn new phrases as you enjoy your lunch.

You’ll also get an electronic file with flashcards that can be opened using the free “Anki” language learning app, which is designed to allow you to study the phrases on your smartphone any time, any place. Anki lets you easily reinforce the phrases in your memory as you go about your day, and you won’t even feel like you’re studying. It’s an effective way to learn new phrases in a foreign language, even for someone who’s busy and doesn’t have time to sit down and study.

You can learn a few phrases a day, or, if your enthusiasm flags a little, just learn one phrase a day. The pace of your learning is completely up to you. Trying to memorize too many phrases in a single day sometimes makes it difficult to remember them all, so we designed our book for those who learn best without being overloaded with too much new information presented at one time. With 365 total phrases, you’ll get one new phrase to learn each day of the year.

To aid your understanding, each phrase is broken down into individual words with definitions for each word. This will help you see the structure of each phrase very clearly, so you won’t have to guess how a phrase comes to express its meaning. You’ll understand the mental process Thais use to construct sentences, and it’ll help you think like a Thai. Where necessary, we delve into deeper explanation of the phrases, to ensure you understand them and can use them correctly.

We designed the phrases so most of them can be used as templates to form your own sentences, which can then be applied to whatever you want to express, just by replacing the noun with whatever noun is applicable to your situation. For example, you’ll learn to say that you have never done something from one of our sentences – “I have never been abroad.” This same structure can then be used to say “I have never been to Korea.” To facilitate this sort of transformation, we use lots of useful nouns throughout the phrases, so you can mix and match them in the different phrases.

Finally, the book comes with all-important audio recordings of all the phrases, so you can hear the correct pronunciation of the words and phrases while you’re learning them. That’s essential for Western learners of languages like Thai, which use vowels and consonants that differ from those in English.

Who is it for: Anyone who’s interested in learning Thai will enjoy using this book and find it helpful. Whether you’re a tourist who just wants to learn how to order food and reserve a hotel room, someone who’s in love with Thai culture and wants to learn how to make friends with the locals, or someone who’s looking to date a Thai or improve communication with their current romantic partner; you’ll find what you’re looking for in this book. It’s got all the basics you need to deal with typical situations you’ll encounter in all these situations, and more. The table of contents below summarizes what’s included in the book.

We concentrate on teaching you the most natural-sounding way to say what you want to in Thai, so you sound like a Thai, not like a talking textbook. You can rest assured that you’ll never sound awkward or foreign – like you might if you learned the canned, rigid, and often out-of-date phrases from textbooks. This makes the book more than just a tool for beginners and intermediate learners. It’s also an informative and useful resource for advanced learners who want to start expressing themselves the way Thai people actually speak in real life. If you want to sound more Thai and gain a deeper understanding of the Thai language and Thai culture, this book will help you achieve your goals, no matter what your current level.



1. Greetings & Introducing Yourself
2. Communication
3. Basic Questions
4. Making friends
5. Ordering Food
6. Buying Clothes
7. Talking about yourself
8. Likes and Dislikes
9. Talking about Family
10. Talking about Weather
11. At the Hotel
12. Sightseeing
13. Taking a Taxi
14. Feeling Unwell
15. Talking about Travel
16. Expressing feelings
17. Talking about Relationship Status
18. Flirting & Love
19. Talking about What You Know or Remember
20. Miscellaneous

The last topic, “Miscellaneous,” includes a variety of useful stand alone colloquial expressions that Thai people use regularly which can’t be found in textbooks – expressions like “Never mind,” “That’s a relief,” “Up to you,” or “No way!”

Formats: The book is in the PDF format. The audio files are provided in the MP3 format. And the Anki decks are in the apkg format.

Number of pages: 392 pages

1. Male version (for male learners) 895 THB
2. Female version (for female learners) 895 THB
3. Both male and female versions 1,190 THB

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