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: A professional service that provide answers to any questions you have about Thai.

If you want to be good at Thai, you need to expose yourself to the Thai language as much as possible. Listen to songs, watch movies, read articles or use our fun teaching materials “PickupThai Podcast.” And whenever you come across new words or expressions that you don’t understand or don’t know how to use, and there’s no one around to explain them to you, we will be there as your personal guide! You don’t have to keep guessing and learning things wrong anymore. Instead, send us all your Thai questions and get clear answers, explanations and examples if necessary, for just 30, 60 or 90 THB per question, depending on the difficulty level and amount of time needed to answer. Since the price of each question varies, we will inform you the total price after you have sent us all the questions before asking you to make the payment.


I’m interested in using this service, what do I do?

Step 1. Send your questions to our email.
Step 2. We’ll send you a quote for the cost.
Step 3. Make payment via bank transfer or Paypal.
Step 4. We’ll prompt you with answers.

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Please put “Ask Us Any Time” in the subject line of your email.


What types of questions cost 30, 60 and 90 THB?

$1: Questions that cost 30 THB to answer generally require a short, simple or straightforward answer and can be answered quickly with no further explanation needed. Examples:

1. What is the function of the word “ถึง” in this sentence “เขากลับถึงบ้านแล้ว”?
2. What do you say when you want to ask someone to move over so that you can sit beside him?
3. When someone asks you a question ending with “รึเปล่า,” what do you reply with? Can you say “ใช่” for “yes”?
4. Which sounds more natural, “เพื่อนที่ดีเขาไม่ทำแบบนี้กันหรอก” or “เพื่อนดีเขาไม่ทำแบบนี้หรอก”?
5. My friend told me that this doesn’t sound good in Thai “ผมไม่หาเจอเหรียญที่หาย ก็เลยผมให้เขาเหรียญใหม่”? How should I correct it?

$2: Questions that cost 60 THB to answer generally require a more complicated answer and at least a short explanation for good understanding. Examples:

1. Why is the tone of the second syllable of this word “ขนม” mid, not rising?
2. Why do I hear people say “บาทนึง” instead of “หนึ่งบาท” for “1 baht”?
3. How do I talk about what already happened in the past. Do I add “แล้ว” at the end of the sentence?
4. What are all the different ways to ask someone to be quiet? Which one should I use with close friends, which with parents and which with strangers?
5. How do you say this sentence in Thai, “It’s totally up to you what you want to do”? Can you provide the meaning of each word?

$3: Questions that cost 90 THB to answer are more complicated and require consideration and detailed explanations. Examples:

1. When do you use the ending particle “หรอก”?
2. What is the difference between “ทั้งนั้น” and “ทัั้งหมด”?
3. I know “สัก” means something like “approximately.” Can it be used interchangeably with “ประมาณ”?
4. “คะ” isn’t always used at the end of a question, is it? What are other times where it gets used? Can you give me all of the possible usages?
5. Why do I sometimes see “ทำไม” being placed at the beginning and sometimes at the end of the sentence? How do I know where to place it?

1. There’s no limit to the number of questions you can send.
2. To save yourself money, we suggest that you ask questions that can’t be found easily on the Internet or in dictionaries or textbooks, such as “What are the five tones in Thai” or “How do you greet people in Thai?” but rather questions that come up when you use or study the language.
3. We mainly reply to questions regarding the Thai language but questions about Thai culture are also welcome.
4. If you’re using PickupThai Podcast for self-study, you are welcome to ask us questions referring to the lesson you studied. For example, “In the lesson Sweet Green 11, when Maysa said “งั้นๆอ่ะ,” could she have replied with “เฉยๆ” as well?” You’ll get an automatic 20% discount to questions referring to PickupThai Podcasts you’ve purchased. Please note that this doesn’t apply to the free sample lessons (Creamy Coconut 1, 2, 3; Sweet Green 1, 11, 32 & Spicy Red 1, 11, 32).
5. Your set of questions might turn out to be a combination of 30, 60 and 90 THB questions. We’ll let you know the cost of each question when we send you the quote. After you receive the quote, you can choose to submit and pay for answers to just a portion of the questions on your list, if you like.
6. If you focus more on asking us to correct your sentences to sound correct and natural, you might want to consider using our “Write Like A Thai” service instead. If you’d like us to correct your pronunciation, choose our “Speak Like A Thai” service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: