Live and interactive one-on-one training is offered by professional native teachers, focused exactly on what you need to learn! You will get to learn everything you need to know about the Thai language as well as practice all four of the essential skills to be a fluent user of Thai.

Your tailor-made classes will be based on your purpose and goal of studying. For beginner level, we use learning materials designed by professional educators while for intermediate and advanced levels, we focus on communicative skills by engaging you with real-life practical exercises. And you can always be assured that, by taking classes with us, you will get to learn how to speak naturally like a Thai person!

Classes are available both in person (in Bangkok, Thailand) and online via Skype (anywhere in the world). We offer high flexibility in scheduling, to make sure that you benefit the most from the class. You can choose to study at your most convenient time. We are available to give lessons any time from 7AM to midnight, to make sure that we are able to accommodate your needs, despite your tight schedule.