[baang kon gâw tam tua měuan wâa káo payaayaam ja chûai khun]
Some people act as if they were trying to help you.

[ – – – V o c a b u l a r y – – – ]

บางคน [baang kon] some people
ทำตัว [tam tua] to act, to behave
เหมือนว่า [měuan wâa] like, as if
พยายาม [payaayaam] to try
ช่วย [chûai] to help

[ – – – G r a m m a r – – – ]

Noun + บาง [baang] + (specific) classifier (for that noun) = Some …….…

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ก่อนมีผัว [gàwn mii pǔa] Before having a husband
หลังมีผัว [lǎng mii pǔa] After having a husband

ก่อนคลอด [gàwn klâwt] Before birth
หลังคลอด [lǎng klâwt] After birth

ก่อนเป็นแฟน [gàwn pen fan] Before we started dating

หวัดดี สุดสวย [wàddii sùdsǔai] Hello, Beautiful.
ทำอะไรอยู่จ๊าาา [tam arai yùu jáaaaa] What are you doing?
เย็นนี้ดูหนังกันมั้ยยย [yenníi duu nǎng gan máiiii] Wanna go watch a movie with me tonight?…

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[chiiwít kon rao mii kêun mii long]
Life has ups and downs.

[práw tâa sên trong keu taai]
Because if it’s linear, it means you’re dead.

[ – – – V o c a b u l a r y – – – ]

ชีวิต [chiiwít] life
คนเรา [konrao] we people
ขึ้น [kêun] up
ลง [long] down
เพราะ [práw] because
ถ้า [tâa] if
เส้น [sên] line
ตรง [trong] straight
คือ [keu] verb to be
ตาย [taai] to die, to be dead

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ความลับในมือถือ มีมากขนาดไหน
[kwaam láp nai meu těu mii mâak kanàat nǎi]
The number of secrets one has on their phone

[kam nuan dâai jàak kwaam reo nai gaan grachâak glàp mêua fan yìp pai]
can be calculated by the speed at which they snatch it back when taken by their significant other.…

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Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“It is now more than 15 months that I am learning Thai with Khru Mary Jane. We have been focusing our lessons on podcasts out of the Creamy Coconut series and recently on the e-book “365 Must-Know Thai Phrases.” Over the last months, my ability of speaking and understanding Thai have improved a lot.…

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