Black Friday Sale (10-30 November 2020):

1. Buy any PickupThai Podcast course within November 30th, get 31% off full price.
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Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“It is now more than 15 months that I am learning Thai with Khru Mary Jane. We have been focusing our lessons on podcasts out of the Creamy Coconut series and recently on the e-book “365 Must-Know Thai Phrases.” Over the last months, my ability of speaking and understanding Thai have improved a lot.…

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9 วิธีป้องกันตนเองจากไวรัสโคโรน่า
[gâao wíthii pâwng gan ton eeng jàak virus corona]
9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

1. หลีกเลี่ยงการไปเมืองอู่ฮั่น
[lìik lîang gaan pai meuang Wuhan]
Avoid going to Wuhan.

2. การเดินทางต่างประเทศ เลี่ยงสถานที่แออัด
[gaan dern taang dtàang prathêet, lîang satǎantîi aeàt]
Avoid being in crowded places when traveling abroad.

3. งดใกล้ชิดผู้ป่วยที่มีอาการไอ จาม ควรสวมหน้ากากอนามัยป้องกัน
[ngót glâi chít phûu pùai tîi mii aagaan ai, jaam, kuan sǔam nâa gàak anamai pâwng gan]
Refrain from being around sick people who are coughing and sneezing.…

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PickupThai is proud to present our latest e-book, “365 Must-Know Thai Phrases for Everyday Conversation” [Exactly as Said by Native Speakers].

☑  Includes 365 commonly used phrases worth knowing.
☑  Teaches natural-sounding sentences as expressed by native Thai speakers.
☑  Sentences drawn from various everyday life scenarios one is likely to encounter.…

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A unique design featuring the names of the twelve months in Thai script on various useful products including T-shirts and calendars. Excellent for Thai learners or anyone who’s interested in Thai language and culture.

Featured Products

Thai Months Women's T-shirt

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Customizable Thailand Photo Calendar 2020

2020 Calendar with a carefully selected collection of beautiful photographs representing Thailand and Thai culture by Yuki Tachaya.…

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[sùpaasìt prajam wanníi]
Proverb of the Day.

จงใช้ชีวิตให้เหมือนใช้ smartphone
[jong chái chiiwít meǔan chái smartphone]
“Live your life like how you use a smartphone.”

[arai tîi tam hâi rao mii kwaam sùk, save wái]
Save… things that you make you happy.

[arai tîi tam hâi kon èun mii kwaam sùk, sòng tàw]
Forward… things that make others happy.…

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One word you may keep hearing throughout the Songkran (Thai New Year) festival is “เล่นน้ำ” [lên náam]. “เล่น” [lên] means “to play” and น้ำ [náam] means “water.” The literal meaning “เล่นน้ำ” [lên náam] is “to play with water,” and what that means is “to have fun splashing or throwing water as a way to celebrate the Thai New Year festival.”…

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A beautiful and unique “I Love Thailand” design in handwritten Thai script, with a red heart and a small Thai flag printed on various items including T-shirts, mugs and stickers. Products can be personalized with your name or your own text to make them more special. This design is not only unique, beautiful and stylish, it’s also a great way to express your love for Thailand and the Thai language.…

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