PickupThai proudly introduces the first picture book ever created to teach the Thai language to non-native speakers, “วันที่น่าจดจำของเจ้าทามาโกะจอมขี้ลืม [wan tîi nâa jòt jam kɔ̌ɔng jâo Tamago jɔɔm kîi lʉʉm]” (The Unforgettable Day of Forgetful Tamago)”


This picture book is particularly made for non-Thai adults learning the Thai language (beginner to intermediate), especially those who learn better visually with images. You’ll learn vocabulary, sentence structures, grammar as well as pronunciation while enjoying a fun story about an unforgettable day in the life of an egg sushi, Tamago.

The book is available in three versions, Thai script with English translation, transliteration with English translation and English only. Every version comes in both Kindle and PDF formats, along with MP3 audio files.

Learning Thai from a picture book can be a lot of fun! Let Tamago show you. Click here to see more details & see example pages!


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