Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“I have taken Skype lessons with Khru Jane for several months now. She is very kind, flexible, and makes learning fun. She uses humor to make each experience entertaining, and she is very patient with my many questions about the lesson, Thailand, and the culture, and very accommodating of my demanding work schedule. The lessons and supporting materials (e.g., Podcasts, guides, transliterated materials, etc.) are well-structured, but she will repeat a portion (or all) of the learning material if I need it. Each lesson has built upon the last, and each interaction with Khru Jane has been nothing but positive! As a testament to her teaching skills and the course structure, I recently traveled to Thailand where I was able to use some of my new found language skills to greet and communicate with my host family, monks at temples, and throughout the day in restaurants and shops. Khru Jane is a joy to have as a teacher, and I look forward to building my Thai language skills with her!” Adrian White, Virginia, USA

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