PickupThai podcasts are an immense, exceptionally rich, entertaining, and rewarding resource. The lessons have been a supportive companion on my journey from being quite a novice until the now very satisfying feeling of being able to understand and speak Thai on a level I did not imagine. The engaging, fun, and interesting short stories are the staple of the podcasts. Crafted as conversations between a wealth of characters, they provide humorous glimpses and insight into everyday themes and situations often encountered in Thai society, always with a twist. From the very first and easiest lessons, they provide strong motivation for keeping on learning Thai, for continuing reading and listening to each and every one of the podcasts, and not least, for repeating – a cornerstone of learning new languages according to research and my own experience. The actors breathe life into the stories – providing emotion and suspense – so helpful for memory when learning any language. Speaking and writing four languages on university level from before, I can testify that textbooks that do not feel tedious after a bit of reviewing are very hard to find. The lessons from PickupThai are a different matter. Re-reading and re-listening, there is always something new and interesting to discover, be it hidden meanings in the storytelling, grammatical nuances, or how words and expressions are used. Both the stories and the micro-stories accompanying them are exceptionally well written. They are unpretentious but in fact excellent literature and food for thought on many levels. As I am now approaching the very last lesson, I still greatly enjoy reading and listening, looking forward to knowing how each story ends and reading the next. I whole-heartedly recommend PickupThai Podcasts for anyone interested in learning the thai language, and in particular those who would want this journey to be truly interesting, stimulating and a source of joy.” – Øystein Eiring, Furnes, Norway

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