Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“It is now more than 15 months that I am learning Thai with Khru Mary Jane. We have been focusing our lessons on podcasts out of the Creamy Coconut series and recently on the e-book “365 Must-Know Thai Phrases.” Over the last months, my ability of speaking and understanding Thai have improved a lot. Recently I have been on a vacation in Thailand with my wife for about two months, and there I had numerous occasions to practice my Thai knowledge. Although I am still far away from being fluent, I was really satisfied with my progress. And in several situations I even got acknowledgements from Thai people. This success I have to attribute mainly to Khru Mary Jane. She was able to further develop my existing Thai knowledge, and she manages it to keep my learning motivation high. The lessons with her are always well prepared and structured. I especially appreciate her engaged, supportive and patient manner. And it is always a lot of fun to study with her and to exchange views both on Thailand and Germany. I would like to go on learning Thai with Khru Mary Jane, even when I manage to relocate to Thailand, which is my aim and dream.” Arndt Laube, Geisenheim, Germany

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  1. TONY

    Hi, I really want to learn Thai language, I am just a new beginner from America/ Los Angeles. I’ve been watching a lots and lots of YouTube video learning a little. But I want a teacher. I saw Yuki and I really really like her teaching. Can get time and prices for private teaching with you. Plus I’m going to buy your package. So let me know and we can get started. Can’t wait to meet you. Thanks Tony


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