“I’ve just finished Spicy Red podcast series and feel I have to share my thoughts and write a review. First of all, I’m very grateful for this fun and effective method of learning. Every podcast is different. The fun stories kept me motivated to continue learning and making progress without getting bored. Previously, I struggled a lot to find a way to increase my vocabulary after I had reached the advanced level. The Spicy Red podcasts contain a lot of new useful words that are used daily so it really helped me with my problem. Besides vocabulary building, these podcasts also improved my Thai in a lot of other aspects; reading, listening, and writing. This is how I used the podcasts, I first read the script and then I listened to the audio. At first, I struggled to understand the meaning of each sentence. But at the end, I became able to read a lot faster and didn’t have to re-read each sentence several times to understand it. With the help of the podcasts, I’ve finally reached my main goal which is to have good vocabulary, listening and reading skills so I can watch Thai shows and movies with Thai subtitles without having to pause every second to read them or keep having to take notes of words that I don’t know. My skills have improved so much thanks to this amazing course. It’s been much easier for me to self-study and I’ve been making a lot faster progress than I used to. It also left me with more desire to keep learning. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much again for this course.” – Ruth Abramov, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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