Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“I have been studying Thai with Kru Jane for about two months now and she has been wonderful. I have tried other study methods before and have not enjoyed it, but I am really enjoying Pick-up Thai and Kru Jane is a great teacher! Since studying with her, I have grown so much in my Thai speaking. Before studying with her, I would not speak more than a sentence at a time. I was afraid that I was saying things wrong and that people would not understand me. Thai tones made it even more difficult for me to speak and Thai grammar is the hardest thing for me. But Kru Jane has been very patient and kind and always tries her best to help me understand. She always gives different examples to help make sure I get the information before moving on. One example of Kru Jane’s patience is being able to read my Thai handwriting. Sometimes when she goes over my work, we laugh about it, but it is fun and helps me to not make the same mistakes again. I have learned with Kru Jane that it is okay to laugh at my mistakes in learning Thai and that I can grow from them. I am understanding more and more each week and I am enjoying learning the language. I still have a long way to go before I am fluent, but I am confident I can reach that goal studying with her. Now I am at the beginner’s level and I am excited to continue to improve. If you want to learn Thai and feel confident in your learning, I would suggest studying with Kru Jane. I was afraid that Pickup-Thai would be just another program that goes through a method and just expects the students to understand but it’s different. Kru Jane is very engaged with her students and I believe that this is the best way for students to grow. At first, learning Thai seemed impossible for me but now I believe that one day I will be able to speak Thai with full confidence. Savanna Richard, South Carolina, USA

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