Creamy Coconut 33: The Ultimate Plan
[duration: 38.59]
Storyline: A teacher found out that one of his students was not taking many classes, nor did she like the ones she was taking. When he asked her why, the student told him that it was because she wouldn’t need them for the entrance exams. Despite her seeming lack of enthusiasm in her studies, she was actually determined at what she wanted to become. What is it?

Examples of new vocabulary: Line, paragraph, space, mathematics, science, music, history, psychology, politics, grammar, pronunciation.

Examples of what you’ll learn:
How to state what you plan to do.
How to tell someone what they can do instead.
How to ask if something is the reason for something else.
How to say the names of academic subjects and fields of study.
How to express that at least something isn’t the worst case scenario.
How to say that A is still better than B, though they’re both not preferable.


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