Creamy Coconut 32: Nothing Serious
[duration: 41:30]
Storyline: Pizza asked Pasta where she was since she didn’t see her friend at school the day before. Pasta told Pizza that she had been having a stomachache and went to the doctor but she said that it wasn’t something serious. However, what Pasta had was actually cancer. Why did she say it wasn’t something serious?

Examples of new vocabulary: heart, brain, stomach, to have a headache, to cough, saliva, tear, urine, to skip school, cancer, surgery.

Examples of what you’ll learn:
How to say what you have to do.
How to say that something isn’t serious.
How to ask someone where they have been.
How to say the names of common symptoms and aches.
How to say the names of internal organs and body waste.
How to correct someone’s misunderstanding of your question.
How to say what happened immediately after something else happened.


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