When you want to express that you don’t care about something, you can say “ฉันไม่สน” [chán mâi sŏn] or “ฉันไม่แคร์” [chán mâi kae] which means “I don’t care”. You can also say “ช่างมัน” [chàng man] or “ช่างหัวมัน” [chàng hŭa man] which mean “whatever”, “let it be”. Literal meaning: ignore it, leave it. For example, A: ผมเธอยุ่งจัง [phŏm ter yùng jang] Your hair looks messy! B: ช่างมัน [chàng man] Whatever, leave me alone. The person implies that she doesn’t wanna fix it because she simply couldn’t care less how her hair looks.

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