In Thai, we use the structure “ยิ่ง….(ก็)ยิ่ง..” [yîng.. (gâw) yîng..] for the English expression “the more.., the more..”. For example, ยิ่งเร็วยิ่งดี [yîng rew yîng dii] “The faster, the better”. “ยิ่งรู้จักก็ยิ่งชอบ” [yîng rúujàk gâw yîng châwp] “The more I know him, the more I like him”. “ยิ่งเขาอยากรู้ ฉันยิ่งไม่อยากบอก” [yîng káo yàak rúu chán yîng mâi yàak bàwk] “The more he wants to know, the more I don’t want to tell”. “ยิ่งเธอโกรธ เขายิ่งกลัว” [yîng ter gròde, káo yîng glua] “The more angry you are, the more afraid he gets”. “ยิ่งฝึกเท่าไหร่ก็ยิ่งได้เท่านั้น” [yîng fèuk tâorài gâw yîng dâai tâonán] “the more you practice, the better you get”.

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