To say “I can’t wait to do something.”, in Thai, we use the expression “แทบจะรอ..ไม่ไหว” [tâb jà ror .. mâi wăi] and you might also add “แล้ว” (léaw) or “อยู่แล้ว” (yùu léaw) at the end to emphasize the impatience e.g. I can’t wait to see you ผมแทบจะรอพบคุณไม่ไหวอยู่แล้ว [phŏm tâb jà ror phóp khun mâi wăi yùu léaw] but if you want to say something like “I can’t wait until tomorrow” or some other time-related nouns like Sunday or next week, then you would need to say “แทบจะรอให้ถึง..ไม่ไหว” [tâb jà ror hâi teŭng .. mâi wăi] instead e.g. “I can’t wait until tomorrow” ฉันแทบจะรอให้ถึงพรุ่งนี้ไม่ไหว [chán tâb jà ror hâi teŭng prûng níi mâi wăi]. And if the subject who does the action that you cannot wait to happen is not you but somebody else, you will have to use “แทบจะรอให้..ไม่ไหว” [tâb jà ror hâi .. mâi wăi]. ผมแทบจะรอให้เขามาไม่ไหว I can’t wait for him to come [phŏm tâb jà ror hâi káo maa mâi wăi].

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