The sense of the expression “ไม่ถึงกับ” [mâi teǔng gàp] or “ไม่ถึงขนาด” [mâi teǔng kanàat] is similar to “not to the point where..” but in some cases, it could be best translated as “not exactly”, implying that something is not quite some way but close to being so. For examples: “เขาหน้าตาดีนะ แต่ไม่ถึงกับสวย” [káo nâataa dii ná tàe mâi teǔng gàp suăi] “She’s pretty good-looking but not exactly beautiful”. “ไม่ต้องถึงกับมาหาหรอก แค่โทรศัพท์มาก็พอแล้ว” [mâi tông teǔng gàp maa hăa ràwk kâe torasàp maa gâw paw léaw.] “You don’t need to come all the way here, just a phone call would do”. “แค่ลืมวันเกิดเอง เขาถึงขนาดเลิกคบเธอเลยเหรอ” [kâe leum wangèrd eng, káo teǔng kanàat lêrk kóp ter loei răw] “You just forgot her birthday and she took it too far to the point where she broke up with you?” “แม่ผมชอบกินเผ็ดถึงขนาดกินไอติมยังใส่พริก” [mâe phŏm chôrb gin pèt teǔng kanàat gin aitim yang sài prík.] “My mom likes to eat spicy food to the point where she puts chillies in her ice-creams!”

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