This expression could be translated as “still”, “even so”, “yet” or “nevertheless”. It is often used to complain, reproach or criticize someone who does something that is clear that he is not supposed to do or just the opposite of what he should do or vice versa. For example “อ้วนแล้วยังจะกินเยอะอีก” [Uân léaw yang jà gin yér ìik] “You’re already fat but even so, you eat so much”. “ไม่เข้าใจแล้วยังจะไม่ยอมถามอีก” [Mâi kâo jai léaw yang jà mâi yorm taǎm ìik] “You didn’t understand and still, you didn’t ask”. “รู้ว่าเขานิสัยไม่ดีแล้วยังจะไปชอบเขาอีก” [Rúu wâ káo níisǎi mâi dee léaw yang jà pai chôrp káo ìik] “You knew he was a mean guy and still, you let yourself fall in love with him”. “รองเท้าคู่ก่อนซื้อมายังไม่ทันได้ใช้แล้วจะยังอยากซื้อคู่ใหม่อีก” [rong táo kûu kòrn séu maa yang mâi tan dâi chái léaw yang jà yàak séu kûu mài ìik] “You have not started using the shoes that you last bought yet and now you want to buy a new pair already!” Note that the subject tends to be omitted and also, it could be quite offensive so don’t use when not necessary.

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