[welaa tîi rao àp châwp krai nai Face]
When we secretly like someone on Facebook,

[rao mák mâi glâa post bàwk hâi káo rûu ràwk]
we usually wouldn’t have the courage to post anything to reveal our feelings to that person.

แต่เราจะตามกดไลค์แทน ไลค์แม่งทุกอย่างที่เขาโพสต์
[tâe rao jà dtaam gòt like tan, like mâng túk yàang tîi káo post]
Instead, we’d “like” every god damn thing that that person posts

[yókwén rûup kûu gàp fan]
except the photos of them with their partner.. (> n < “)

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