[mii sàt bòk arai tîi òppayóp tìntǎan tîi yùu dâi glaai gwàa nók bâang]
What kind of land animals migrate further than birds?

ลูกหนี้ [lûuk nîi] a debtor

[ * – – – V o c a b u l a r y – – – * ]

สัตว์ [sàt] animal
สัตว์บก [sàtbòk] land animal
อพยพ [òppayóp] to migrate
ถิ่นฐานที่อยู่ [tìntǎan tîi yùu] habitat, residence
ไกล(กว่า) [glaai (gwàa)] further (than)…
นก [nók] bird
บ้าง [bâang] a particle adding to the end of a question where multiple answers are expected

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