Song Title: กวางขาวอยู่กลางเขา Kwaang Kăao Yùu Glaang Kăo [The White Deer Lives in the Middle of the Mountain]
Artist: โจนัส แอนเดอร์สัน Jonas Anderson

In this catchy folk song with incredibly amusing lyrics, Jonas Anderson, a Swedish-born country singer, shows off not only his beautiful voice but also his amazing tongue twister skills, which put Thai people to shame.…

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Song Title: ข้อความ Kâw kwaam [The Message]
Artist: พอส Pause

This beautiful easy listening song by “Pause,” a much-beloved band who rose to fame during the late 90’s, recalls for us the warm and touching memories of friends. The vocalist sings of how the kind messages his friends wrote him kept him feeling loved and cared for, and assured him they would always be there for him through all life’s ups and downs.…

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Song Title: คุกเข่า Kóok kào [On My Knees]
Artist: ค็อกเทล Cocktail

This fast-tempo pop rock song with catchy tunes depicts the pitiful scene of an emotionally overwhelmed guy kneeling in front of his girlfriend, holding onto her tightly and desperately begging her to not leave him, while reassuring her he won’t make the same mistakes again.…

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Song Title: รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา Rák táe yùu něua kaan welaa [True Love Is Beyond Time]
Artist: โดม จารุวัฒน์ Dome Jaruwat

The romantic lyrics combined with sweet melodies make this song a perfect OST for the soap opera “สุภาพบุรุษจุฑาเทพ [Suphapburut Juthathep] – the talk of the town at the time it was aired.

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Song Title: อยากรู้แต่ไม่อยากถาม Yàak rúu tàe mâi yàak tăam [I Want to Know But I Don’t Want to Ask]
Artist: แคลอรีส์ บลาห์ บลาห์ Calories Blah Blah

In this emotional and melodic song, a big guy with an angelic voice expresses his reluctance to let his female friend know his deep feelings for her, for fear of being rejected and losing the intimate friendship they have together.…

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Song Title: ทะเลใจ Talayjai [The Sea of the Heart]
Artist: คาราบาว Karabao

A classic Thai song performed by legendary Thai musical group, Karabao. This easy-listening, yet emotionally moving song delivers a deep life philosophy through smooth melodies to listeners, and reminds them to not get distracted by greed and desires, especially in the civilized city life, that lead to distress and suffering.
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Song Title: รักไม่ต้องการเวลา Rák-mâi-tông-kaan-welaa [Love Doesn’t Require Time]
Artist: หนูนา Nuna

A beautiful original soundtrack of a popular Thai romantic comedy “กวน มึน โฮ” [guan-meun-ho], that tells the story of two people falling in love at their first encounter. The song talks about how the feeling of love can surprisingly occur before two people know each other well.…

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Song Title: ฤดูที่แตกต่าง Réuduu-tîi-tàek-tàang [Different Seasons]
Artist: นภ พรชำนิ Nop Pornchamni

People’s unpredictable lives are filled with joys and sorrows, changing like the seasons. When things get tough, remember the storms in the rainy season that allow us to appreciate the sun in the season to come. Without sorrow, you’d never know joy.…

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สีชมพู sĭi chompuu = pink
สีแดง sĭi daeng = red
สีส้ม sĭi sôm = orange
สีเหลือง sĭi leuăng = yellow
สีน้ำตาล sĭi námtaan = brown
สีม่วง sĭi mûang = purple
สีน้ำเงิน sĭi námngern = blue
สีฟ้า sĭi fáa = sky blue
สีเขียว sĭi ksĭiao = green
สีเทา sĭi thao = gray
สีขาว sĭi kăao = white
สีดำ sĭi dam = black…

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หน้าผาก nâa-phàak = forehead
หู hŭu = ear
ตา taa = eye
คอ kaw = neck
หน้าอก nâa-òk = chest
ท้อง táwng = belly
สะโพก sa-pôke = hip
ต้นขา tôn-kăa = thigh
นิ้วเท้า níw-táo = toe
คิ้ว kíw = eyebrow
ปาก pàak = mouth
ไหล่ lài = shoulder
ข้อมือ kâw-meu = wrist
ขา kăa = leg
เท้า táo = foot
หัว hŭa = head
จมูก jamùk = nose
หน้า nâa = face
เอว eo = waist
มือ meu = hand
หน้าแข้ง nâa-kâeng = shin
ผม phŏm = hair
แก้ม gâm = cheek
คาง kaang = chin
แขน kăen = arm
ข้อศอก kâw-sàwk = elbow
สะดือ sa-deu = belly button
นิ้ว níw = finger
หัวเข่า hŭa-kào = knee
ข้อเท้า kâw-táo = ankle…

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ภูเขา puukăo= mountain
ท้องฟ้า tóngfáa = sky
ทะเล talay = sea
ชายหาด chaihàat = beach
ทราย saai = sand
ต้นไม้ tónmáai = tree
สวน suăn = park
รั้ว rúa = fence
สนามหญ้า sanăamyâa = field
จักรยาน jàkgrayaan= bicycle
ถนน tanŏne = road
ป้าย pâai = sign
ทางม้าลาย taangmáalaai =
pedestrian crossing…

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ฤดู réuduu = season
ฤดูฝน réuduu fǒn = rainy season
ฤดูหนาว réuduu nǎo = winter
ฤดูใบไม้ผลิ réuduu baimáaiplì = spring
ฤดูร้อน réuduu ráwn = summer
ฤดูใบไม้ร่วง réuduu baimáairuâng = autumn…

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ตอนผมเจ็ดขวบ แม่ผมป่วยหนัก และก็จากพวกเราไป
[tawn phŏm jèt kùap, mâe phŏm pùai nàk láe gâw jàak pûakrao pai]
When I was seven, my mom was severely ill and left us.

[tângtàe nán phâw gâw glaai pen túk yàang nai chiiwít phŏm]
Since then, Dad has become everything in my life.

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[chán mâi koei chêua rêuang neúa kûu loei]
I´ve never believed in soulmates.

ตั้งแต่เกิด เราก็เกิดมาคนเดียว
[tângtàe gèrd, rao gâw gèrd maa kon diaw]
When we were born, we were born alone.

[léaw tammai rao jà yùu kon diaw yàang mii kwaam sùk mâi dâai]
So why can’t we live alone happily?

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