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In Thai, we use the word “??? [mâak]” after an adjective to intensify it. For example, we say “?????? [s?ai mâak]” for “very beautiful” and “??????? [mâak]” for “very big.” While it’s extremely useful and easy to use, it can get boring to use just this one word for every adjective.…

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????????? [gàwn mii p?a] Before having a husband
????????? [l?ng mii p?a] After having a husband

???????? [gàwn klâwt] Before birth
???????? [l?ng klâwt] After birth

??????????? [gàwn pen fan] Before we started dating

?????? ?????? [wàddii sùds?ai] Hello, Beautiful.
??????????????? [tam arai yùu jáaaaa] What are you doing?
?????????????????????? [yenníi duu n?ng

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[chiiwít kon rao mii kêun mii long]
Life has ups and downs.

[práw tâa sên trong keu taai]
Because if it’s linear, it means you’re dead.

[ – – – V o c a b u l a r y – – – ]

????? [chiiwít] life
????? [konrao] we people

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10 ??????????????????????????
[sìp sìng tîi ja gâe krîat rao dâai dii]
10 Things to Effectively Relieve Your Stress

1 ???????? [pîng yâang] (Korean) barbeque
2 ???? [chaa buu] shabu (Japanese hot pot)
3 ??????? [chaa k?ao] green tea
4 ????????? [aa h?an talay] seafood
5 ?????? [saew mâwn] salmon
6 ?????…

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??????????????????? [òd prîao wái gin w?an] is a Thai proverb that is used to teach or encourage delayed gratification, which is the act of resisting an impulse to take an immediately available reward in order to obtain a more valued one in the future. It’s usually said to someone to encourage them to not take what they want now and wait for what they want more in the future.…

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[mêua kít ja lóm lêrk kwaam tângjai]
When you’re going to give up on something you started,

[hâi t?am tua eeng wâa]
ask yourself

[hèet dai jeung rêum tôn]
why you started it in the first place.

[k?ng jéu]

V o c a b u l a r y – – – *


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[chii wít kon rao man sân]
Life is short.

[jong tam nai sìng tîi châwp]
Do what you like.

[láe ráp pìt châwp nai sìng tîi tam]
And be responsible for what you do.

[práw adìit gàp pàdjuban]
Because the past and the present

[man hàang gan kâe wínaatii diao]
are just one second apart.…

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??????????????? ????????????
[kwaam láp nai meu t?u mii mâak kanàat n?i]
The number of secrets one has on their phone

[kam nuan dâai jàak kwaam reo nai gaan grachâak glàp mêua fan yìp pai]
can be calculated by the speed at which they snatch it back when taken by their significant other.…

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The word “??????” [tan tîi] is a verb meaning “to replace” or “to substitute for.” However, “????????” [tan tîi jà] is used as an idiom. It’s usually followed by a verb and it means “instead of (doing something).” For example,

1. ??????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ?????????????????
[Printer rao s?a, tan tîi ja print àwk maa pen s?i,

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There are several prefixes in Thai that mean “person.” The most common ones are “???” [nák], “???” [pûu]  “??” [kon], “???” [chaao], “????” [châng], “????” [jâo], “???” [tua], “???” [tîi], “???” [naai], “???” [naang], “???” [pâw], “???” [mâe] and “???” [lûuk]. Occupation names often include one of these words.

In most cases, these prefixes precede a verb and the newly formed word means a person who does the action of the verb.…

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????????? [nák waang p?en] planner
???????????? [nák wí kráw] analyst
?????????? [nák wíjaan] commentator
??????????? [pûu chamnaangaan] specialist
????????? [tîi prèuks?a] advisor
???????????? [pûu chîaochaan] expert
?????? [nák kít] thinker
?????????? [pûu trùat sàwp] examiner
????????? [pûu kum ngaan] supervisor
????????? [nák àwk bàep] designer
?? ???? [guu.. kontam] me.. the guy who takes action.…

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?????????????????????????? 5 ????
[guu tîi sài mask láe láang meu túk hâa naatii]
Me, wearing a mask and washing hands every 5 minutes.

[chéua covid]

[ – – – – – G r a m m a r – – – – -] 

??? [túk]+ number + counter = every…(period of time)…

????????? …

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???? [làwk] to fool, to trick, to deceive
???? [go hòk] to lie, to tell a lie
????? [glâeng] to tease, play a prank on someone
??????? [pûut lên] to joke, to kid
??? [láw] to tease, to make fun of (verbally)

Happy April Fools’ Day! ( ^ n ^ )/*

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