If you’re one of the advanced Thai learners who can understand most things said in Thai and are looking to practice listening by watching something spoken in Thai with Thai subtitles, we have an interesting show to recommend!

There is a Thai talk show called “Club Friday.” It’s one of those shows where the hosts interview a celebrity guest but the main topic of the talk is always relationships since the two female hosts are known by the Thais as “love experts.” If this sounds like something that would interest you, simply go to Youtube and look for “Club Friday Show.” You should see a lot of results coming up.

Every episode of the show comes with Thai subtitles so it will be a great chance for you to practice listening to real Thai. It’s definitely better than watching a movie with English subtitles which often distract you from listening to Thai.

Below is one of the episodes available on Youtube.

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  1. David

    This is perfect. Just what I was looking for. I can read Thai, but when people speak Thai, I don’t understand so much. This will help me to resolve what is actually being spoken.


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