วันที่ 5 ธันวาคมเป็นวันชาติของไทย
[wan tîi hâa tanwaakom pen wan châat kǎwng Thai]
December 5th is Thailand National Day.

[wan châat kǎwng prathêet khun trong gàp wan tîi tâo rài]
When is national day celebrated in your country?

Trivia: Did you know the difference between ประเทศไทย [prathêet Thai] and เมืองไทย [meuang Thai]?
ประเทศไทย [prathêet Thai] is a formal term whereas เมืองไทย [meuang Thai] is an informal/colloquial term for “Thailand.”

There are many other words that carry the same meaning but one is more formal than the other. Want to learn more? Check out our lists of informal VS formal terms.

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