เคยเห็นแล้วหรือยังคะ หุ่นแมคโดนัลด์ยืนไหว้
[koei hěn léaw rěu yang ká, hùn McDonald’s yeun wâai]
Have you seen a McDonald’s mannequin doing the Thai “wai” yet?

[léaw kun rúu mǎi ká wâa McDonald’s tîi meuang tai mii menu kâao gàprao dûai]
And did you know that Thai McDonald’s serve kaprao?

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เคย แล้วหรือยัง [koei … léaw rěu yang]
: have you done … yet?

หุ่น [hùn]
: mannequin

ยืน [yeun]
: to stand

ไหว้ [wâai]
: to greet the traditional Thai style by pressing two hands together in front of your chest.

ข้าวกะเพรา [kâao gàprao]
: a Thai dish: basil leaf chicken/pork stir-fry over rice (often topped with a fried egg)


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