Private Lessons with Mary Jane
“I’ve been learning Thai with khru Jane for about six months now. At the beginning I wasn’t really sure what to expect from these Skype lessons. But a few weeks later I was completely persuaded of it. I didn’t just want to follow the structure of the exercises given, I always wanted to make my own sentences and small conversations using the vocabulary from the exercises done together. Khru Jane is an excellent teacher, very patient, always smiling and a wonderful person to work with. We always have a lot of fun together. I still make mistakes when writing my own sentences but it’s getting better and better every couple of weeks. I really appreciate that khru Jane always tries to give me more than one example of how to use a word and how to put it the right way in the sentences. I remember one week we were talking about the word trend/trendy which I wanted to use in one of my conversations. Not only did khru Jane show me how to use my chosen word (which I used wrong) correctly but also gave me three other words explaining how Thai people talk when they mean trendy. This is exactly how the lessons with khru Jane become so valuable for me. I am really happy and always looking forward to learning Thai with khru Jane. David Meyer, Bern, Switzerland

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