อกหักคือประสบการณ์ ขึ้นคานคือชะตากรรม
[òk hàk keu prasòpkaan, keûnkaan keu chataagam]
Heartbreak is an experience. Staying single forever is fate.

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ขึ้นคาน [keûn kaan] / แต่งงาน [tàeng ngaan] / อยู่เป็นโสด [yùu pen sòde]

Have you ever heard of the word “ขึ้นคาน” [keûn kaan] and wondered what it meant? If you have some Thai female friends, you probably have heard the word. Thai women who are reaching 30 often complain that they don’t want to “ขึ้นคาน” [keûn kaan] and that means they want to “แต่งงาน” [tàeng ngaan] or get married at some point and don’t want to “stay single forever.” However, don’t ever say you want to “ขึ้นคาน” [keûn kaan] as it carries a negative connotation. If you have no intention to get married, just say “ฉันจะอยู่เป็นโสด” [chán jà yùu pen sòde].

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