If this café’s name was to be translated into Thai, it would be…
“นั่งลงแล้วหุบปาก” (nâng long léaw hùp pàak)

Let’s take a look at what each word means.

นั่งลง (nâng-long) : to sit down
แล้ว (léaw) : and then
หุบปาก (hùp-pàak) : to shut up

*“หุบปาก” (hùp-pàak) is considered quite an offensive expression.
So it’s best not to use it if not necessary.

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  1. gaelee

    Do you think the name really represents the intent of the cafe owners? “Shut up” is pretty rude in English, too.

    Maybe they meant “Sit down and Be Quiet” as in have a quiet moment, relax, quiet your mind.
    What do you think?


    • We believe the owner simply wanted to play with the words up and down 🙂 We agree that it’s pretty rude, but it’s also funny 😀


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