When you want someone to stop talking, there are many ways to express that wish. One way is to say “หุบปาก [hùp pàak]” which literally means “Shut your mouth!”. You can also use “หุบปากไปเลย” [hùp pàak pai loei]” meaning “Just shut up!”. However, it’s a very rude and aggressive way to tell someone to be quiet. So you’d better refrain from using it. If somebody says this to you, they’re being rude and disrespectful. Even among close friends, it doesn’t sound pleasant and only a few people will find this acceptable. So, don’t use it.

So now, what should you say to someone in order that they stop talking? The more acceptable way to tell someone to be quiet is to use the word “เงียบ [ngîap],” which means “to be silent” or the expression “หยุดพูด [yùt phûut]” which means “to stop talking.” And there are a lot of ways that you can use them, starting from the least impolite way. Please note that it’s never polite to ask someone to stop talking. One expression can only be “less impolite” than another. And never use these expressions to anyone that you’re not close to.

หยุดพูดเหอะ [yùt phûut hèr]
หยุดพูดดิ [yùt phûut dí]
เงียบๆเลย [ngîap ngîap loei]
เงียบๆ [ngîap ngîap]
เงียบไปเลย [ngîap pai loei]

In English, sometimes, you say “Shut up” to someone when you’re super excited about something that person tells you and you almost don’t believe it’s true. In that case, just say “จริงอ่ะ [jing à]” which means “really?”. Don’t use the expressions mentioned above as you don’t want to tell them to stop talking.

If you want someone to speak with a lower volume or not speak too loudly, you can use either one of the following expressions.

“พูดค่อยๆก็ได้ [phûut kôi kôi gâw dâai]” = You can speak more quietly.
“พูดค่อยๆหน่อย [phûut kôi kôi nòi]” = Speak more quietly.
“อย่าพูดเสียงดัง [yàa phûut sǐang dang]” = Don’t speak loudly.

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