1. Yoon

    Thank you for making this materials.

    Is it possible to get English translation of spicy red?

    I would like to check whether I understand well or not.

    But only spicy red don’t have English translation.

    Thanks you for your reply in advance.


    • Dear khun Yoon,

      To answer your question, we don’t provide translation on purpose. We do believe that it’s best for advanced learners to learn Thai through the target language, not through translation. At first, we didn’t provide translation for the sentences at the end of each part either but we got too many requests from the customers so we decided to do it. So there is translation for that. But we don’t want to translate the whole story because we want learners to use context to help them understand. This is how you will learn the best at this level. As you understand more and more Thai, you should rely less on translation. At least, that’s how we ourselves learned English and other foreign languages. That’s the method we believe is the most efficient. However, we do provide vocabulary and quiz sections to test your understanding to in order to help you understand correctly. When you listen to a story, you don’t have to worry about every single detail, you just have to understand the whole picture or the main idea. That’s the most important thing. If you have questions or want to practice using the sentences, we do provide self-study guiding services at low prices. Please have a look at this page for further details. http://pickup-thai.com/services/self-study-guiding-services/


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