Creamy Coconut 30: Where I’ll Stay
[duration: 39:10]
Storyline: Kawngkwan her parents for opinions on where she should live, on or off campus. Her parents had different points of view but it didn’t matter because she already had an answer in mind. What was her plan?

Examples of new vocabulary: Safety, convenience, love, knowledge, lazy, stingy, dormitory, to rent, to feel cramped, back and forth.…

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If you’re one of the advanced Thai learners who can understand most things said in Thai and are looking to practice listening by watching something spoken in Thai with Thai subtitles, we have an interesting show to recommend!

There is a Thai talk show called “Club Friday.” It’s one of those shows where the hosts interview a celebrity guest but the main topic of the talk is always relationships since the two female hosts are known by the Thais as “love experts.” If this sounds like something that would interest you, simply go to Youtube and look for “Club Friday Show.” You should see a lot of results coming up.…

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You probably have learned that we use the expression “เพื่อที่จะได้…” [pêua tîi jà dâi] for “..in order that..” but it’s quite a formal expression which you won’t hear often in spoken language. Also, we usually use it when we want to emphasize the purpose of an action. But normally, “จะได้” [jà dâi] is commonly used when we want to say “…so (that)…” or “..in order that..” Below are some examples of how to use it in a sentence.…

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Which one of the following is not in the picture?

a) เมฆ (mêek)
b) เกาะ (gàw)
c) ท้องฟ้า (táwng fáa)
d) จรวด (jarùat)
e) ทะเล (talay)
f) ปีก (pìik)

See answer below –

The answer is “d) จรวด (jarùat)”

a) เมฆ (mêek) cloud
b) เกาะ (gàw) island
c) ท้องฟ้า (táwng fáa) sky
d) จรวด (jarùat) rocket
e) ทะเล (talay) sea / ocean
f) ปีก (pìik) wing…

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[tâa khun bin mâi dâai, wîng!]
If you can’t fly, run.

[wîng mâi dâai gâw dern!]
If you can’t run, walk.

[dern mâi dâai gâw klaan]
If you can’t walk, crawl.

[tam yàang rai gâw dâai hâi klêuan pai kâng nâa]
Do whatever you can to move forward.…

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[mêet taa garúnaa keu phaasǎa tîi kon hǔu nùak dâiyin]
Compassion is the language that the deaf can hear,

คนตาบอดมองเห็น และคนใบ้พูดได้
[kon taa bàwd mawng hěn láe kon bâi phûut dâai]
the blind can see and the mute can speak.

Buddhist definitions:::
เมตตา [mêet taa]: loving-kindness
กรุณา [garúnaa]: compassion…

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[wanníi tîi meuang Thai pen wan dèk kâ]
Today is Children’s day in Thailand.

[taai sì ká kon nǎi khru Yuki kon nǎi khru Miki]
Guess which girl is khru Yuki and which girl is khru Miki

. . . .
. . . .
. . . .…

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