Hi guys, today let’s study the words “วัยรุ่น” and “นิยม”  

“วัยรุ่น” means “teenager” and “นิยม” means “to like,” usually used with something that is in trend or popular. And when something “เป็นที่นิยม,” it is popular.  So do you understand what this image below says?

วัยรุ่นจีนนิยม WeChat
วัยรุ่นญี่ปุ่นนิยม Line
วัยรุ่นอเมริกานิยม Facebook
วัยรุ่นยุโรปนิยม Twitter

WeChat is popular among Chinese teenagers.…

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พ่อแม่ไม่ต้องการไอโฟน 4 หรือไอโฟน 5
[pâw mâe mâi tâwng gaan iPhone 4 rěu iPhone5]
Parents need neither an iPhone 4 nor an iPhone 5.

[kâw kâe torasàp taammadaa tîi dâiyin sǐang lûuk tow maa gâw paw]
Just a regular phone where they can hear their children’s voices is all they need.…

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[wan níi pen wan pâw hàeng châat]
Today is national Father’s day

[láe wan gèrd kǎwng nai lǔang]
and the King’s birthday.

[khun jà tam arai hâi pâw kǎwng khun ká]
What are you going to do for your father?

[yàa leum bàwk pâw kǎwng khun náká wâa khun rák tâan mâak kâe nǎi]
Don’t forget to let your father know how much you love him.…

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[pii níi khun ja pai loy grathong gàp khrai]
Who are you going to celebrate Loy Kratong with this year?

1) พ่อแม่ [pâw mâe] Parents
2) พี่น้อง [pîi náwng] Siblings
3) ญาติ [yàat] Relative
4) เพื่อน [pêuan] Friend
5) แฟน [fan] Girlfriend / boyfriend
6) แฟนเก่า [fan gào] Ex-girlfriend / ex-boyfriend
7) คนที่แอบชอบ [kon tîi àeb chôrp] Someone I have a crush on
8) สามี [sǎmii] Husband
9) ภรรยา [panrayaa] Wife
10) คนเดียว [kon diaw] Alone…

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A super fun game for you to practice or challenge your Thai skills. If you’re a music lover, this game is going to be a lot of fun! If you’re not a music lover but a Thai lover, this game will still be fun! Either way, you’ll have fun with it!…

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Even though there are thousands of words in the Thai language for you to learn and memorize, the good news for English speakers is that nearly every language in this world borrows tons of words from English and Thai is no different. In this lesson, you will find a list of loan words from English that Thai people commonly use, as if they were Thai words.…

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Some words in Thai may have the same meaning but one is more formal than the other. In this lesson, you will get to learn useful vocabulary words that we use in everyday life and their more formal counterparts. The first word of each pair in the vocabulary list below is an informal term and the second is a formal term.

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Following are interesting quotes we have compiled from the Internet, most of which are inspiring and motivating. Some were originally in Thai, some translated from other languages. But either way, we provide both Thai and English versions, with audio (as always) so you can learn something about life from these quotes and pick up Thai at the same time.…

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Some Thai words can be pronounced differently when spoken than when they are written. Although these following common standard words are also normally used in spoken language, there is/are (a) more informal colloquial way(s) to pronounce them. When Thai people speak to each other in real life, they do not take the effort to pronounce every single sound properly and accurately, rather, they pronounce words in a more relaxed manner, thus, some words get shortened or the sounds of more than one syllable are combined, as a result.

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Test Your Colloquial Thai Knowledge

For Advanced learners: complete each sentence with a word that would make sense and sound natural in spoken Thai. When finished, listen to the recording below each sentence to check if you got it correct.

For Intermediate learners: listen to the the recording and fill the blank with the missing word that you hear.

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