22279629_1927818937232938_695038949069022509_nคนอื่น [kon èun] Other people
กู [guu] Me

Grammar corner – – *

Did you know that the word “อื่น” [èun] meaning “another” or “other” is usually used in this structure -> “noun + classifier + “อื่น” [èun],” but the classifier can be omitted when it’s the same as the noun? “คนอื่น” [kon èun] is one example. The word “คน” [kon] is both a noun and a classifier for person or people. Therefore, we don’t say “คนคนอื่น” [kon kon èun] but only “คนอื่น” [kon èun]. Other examples are “ห้องอื่น” [hâwng] – another room, “ประเทศอื่น” [pràthêet èun] another country and “สีอื่น” [sǐi èun] another color.

Never heard of the word “กู” [guu]? Although considered an impolite word, it’s very commonly used among the Thais, thus it’s worth knowing. Check out our video on personal pronouns to learn more:



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