We use the term “ไม่แพ้” [mâi páe], which literally means “to not lose”, after an adjective or an adverb to convey the meaning of “not any less .. than” and it often goes with the word “เลย” at the end, in case you want to emphasize the meaning. For example, “แม่คุณตลกไม่แพ้คุณเลย” [mâe khun talòk mâi páe khun loei]. Your mother is not any less funny than you are. “ที่นี่อากาศหนาวไม่แพ้ที่แคนาดาเลย” [tîi nîi aagàat nǎao mâi páe tîi Canada loei] The weather here is not any less cold than that in Canada. “ผมหล่อไม่แพ้พี่ชายผมหรอก” [phŏm làw mâi páe pîi chaai phŏm ràwk] Come on, I am not any less handsome than my bro!


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