The PickupThai merchandise store is now open. Shop for T-shirts, phone cases, mugs or various other items you use in everyday life and learn Thai from them.

Learn Thai from things around you.

It’s such a norm to learn a language from books. But that’s old-school. With years of dedication to providing the new generation of Thai learners like you with fun-filled methods to learn Thai, we’re proud to present you the newest cool way to help you remember Thai letters, vocabulary words or grammar. Ever dreamed of having the alphabet chart printed on a T-shirt or a mug? This will no longer be a wish. Come enjoy shopping for perfect products to help you pick up Thai from the various merchandise we offer.

Get it shipped to wherever you are.

PickupThai only creates cool and unique designs related to the Thai language and culture. We don’t manufacture, pack or ship the products. We have a professional do it for us. Zazzle, a large-scale American online retail store will be the one handling those services. Most of the products are made in and shipped from makers in the USA but are shipped worldwide. So anywhere you are in the world, you can order and receive the products you see and like on here. If you need more information on shipping, click here, and international shipping, click here.

Customize the product to exactly how you want it.

All the products on Zazzle are custom made, meaning that the product will only be created after an order is placed. Also, you can customize the style, size and color of the product as you prefer. If the product has a template that comes with a text, you can also change it to your own text.Each product comes in many different sizes, colors and styles. For example, even if our design may be presented on a white short-sleeved men’s T-shirt, you can get the same design printed on a women’s tank-top or even a baby bodysuit. Likewise, you can get a iPhone 5S or a Samsung Galaxy case made with the same design we showcase on an iPhone X case.  The price for the product varies depending on the style. For this reason, the price for the product is not shown below. If you go to our store on, you will see the price for the style of product that we select to feature our design. To see the actual price for the style you prefer, simply click on the product and customize the product to the style of your preference.

Get your favorite design on any product.

Another cool thing about Zazzle is that if you like one of our particular designs but you can’t find a product you want from the products featured in our store, you can just transfer the design to whatever product you’re interested in, as long as it works with its template. For example, if you like our “Thai Numbers” design and would like to have it on a luggage, you can easily transfer the design featured on any product we feature it on, say a T-shirt, to be on a luggage. To do that, simply go to the page of the product featuring the design you want, then click on the link “Transfer this design” located under the image of the design in the “About this design” section on the bottom right. And then, you’ll have a luggage with the design you like.

Personalize it with a Professional Help.

If a template comes with a text, for example “I love Thailand,” and you don’t want it on your product, you can easily remove it by customizing the product. And if you want to change it to your name or your own message in Thai but you don’t know how to write it in Thai script, feel free to email us and ask us to write it for you so you can just copy and paste the text into the template. We’ll be more than happy to offer this service at no cost to help you create the product of your dreams.

We launch a new design every week. Please come back to check out more designs.


A unique display of all 44 Thai consonant letters categorized by the three consonant classes appearing on various useful products that you can use every day; such as a T-shirt, phone case, mouse pad or mug. These products not only look cool, but are also excellent for helping you to learn Thai.