Are you one of those people who use ไหม [mái] in a negative question like this one below?

[khun mâi châwp gin pèd mái]
Don’t you like to eat spicy food?

If your answer is yes, it’s time to change that habit because it’s grammatically wrong and it sounds really awkward to a Thai ear.

This is how we ask the question.

[khun mâi châwp gin pèd rǎw]
Don’t you like to eat spicy food?

Let’s take a look at some more examples of negative questions.

Didn’t you watch TV last night?
[mêua keun mâi dâai duu TV rǎw]

Isn’t he coming to the party?
[káo mâi maa party rǎw]

Aren’t your children home?
[lûuk khun mâi yùu bâan rǎw]

Can’t I go with you?
[chán pai gàp khun mâi dâai rǎw]

Isn’t there sugar in your coffee?
[gaafae khun mâi sài námtaan rǎw]

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