Anki is the most popular, widely-used spaced repetition flashcard program designed to help learners memorize things easily. We find it a great supplementary tool to help Thai learners memorize new vocabulary words. A lot of our PickupThai Podcast customers use the program to help them learn the words from the podcasts and they rate the program quite highly. Thus, we decided to provide a few decks of flash cards for you to try using with the program.

Remember, memorization is not the way you learn a language. It’s only a way to learn words. And as any language learner knows, there is no use learning words without knowing how to use them. In order to build a sentence and become a user of any language, you need to understand the words you learn and how to use them well. You can achieve that by always learning words in context. And that’s what you can do with PickupThai Podcast. Thus, we highly recommend using these flash cards together with our lessons. Download our samples for free here.

We have created two decks so far, each containing all the vocabulary words from “Creamy Coconut 1: John & Yoko’s First Encounter.” Feel free to download and try them. We aim to create a total of 14 decks containing all the vocabulary words from all of our seven free sample lessons. Please come back to check for updates.

D o w n l o a d

Creamy Coconut 1: John & Yoko’s First Encounter

PickupThai: Beginner lesson 1 (Thai script with audio)
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PickupThai: Beginner lesson 1 (Transliteration with audio)

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