If you’re looking for a professional teacher who will make your Thai lessons interesting, enjoyable and easy to follow, Fai Kobpon is the person for you. She is a native Thai teacher who has a great command of English and excellent skills of making difficult things easy to understand using simple and clear English explanations. Khru Fai has many years of experience teaching both English to Thai speakers and Thai to foreigners, thus she is very good and familiar with teaching and using both languages. Not only that, she has learned a couple of foreign languages herself, therefore she understands what her students go through and knows how help them achieve their goals.

Now working with PickupThai, she can help you learn Thai using our fun Thai-teaching materials, PickupThai podcasts, which focus on teaching you real-life conversational Thai like no textbook does. Click here to learn why you should learn Thai from PickupThai Podcast.

Want to get to know your potential new Thai teacher a little better? Read her interview to find out more.

Khru Fai’s lessons are available online through Skype or in person in Surin at affordable prices. In-person lessons are 790 THB/hour while the standard rate for Skype lessons is 650 THB/hour. Discounted lesson packages are also offered for Skype lessons at rates of 500-620 THB/hour depending on the number of lessons purchased. Click here for more details.

If you’re interested in taking lessons with khru Fai or have any inquiries regarding her lessons, feel free to contact us now.


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