One word that almost every textbook teaches but isn’t very practical is “และ [láe]” meaning “and” or in some contexts “and then.” And the reason is because we, Thai people, hardly ever use this word when we talk. We only use it when we write. You might hear it from time to time, but most probably from songs. In actual speech, it’s quite rare.

What we use instead of “และ [láe]” is “แล้วก็ [léaw gâw].” If you are one of those Thai learners who use “และ [láe]” when you want to say “and,” from now on, build a new habit of using “แล้วก็ [léaw gâw]” instead and you will be one step closer to sounding natural like a native Thai speaker.


[chán wâang wan pút léaw gâw wan sǎo]
I’m free on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

[phǒm pai bâan fan léaw gâw pai talàad maa]
I went to my girlfriend’s house and then to the market.

[kǎw ga prao kài daao léaw gâw Pepsi mâi sài náam kǎeng yàang lá tîi]
I’ll have one order of basil stir-fry with fried egg and an order of Pepsi with no ice.

Note that “กับ [gap]” is another word that means “and” and is commonly used in the spoken language, as well as the written language.

[káo gàp chán mâi dâai pen fan gan]
He and I aren’t dating.

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  1. Allan

    Could you explain the phrase ‘ อย่างละที่ ‘ to me please?


    • Certainly. “อย่าง” means “type” or “kind” and it’s also a classifier for a lot of things including food. “ละ” means “per” and “ที่” in this context, means “order.” So “อย่างละที่” means, “one order per each kind” that is “1 Basil stir-fry and 1 Pepsi” 🙂 If you want two orders each, it would be “อย่างละสองที่.”


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