Creamy Coconut 31: My Dream House
[duration: 41:42]
Storyline: Baicha and Gaafae talked about their dream houses. Baicha wanted to live in the forest while Gaafae preferred next to the beach. Gaafae tried to convince his sister that living in the forest wasn’t a good idea. Why and could he change her mind?

Examples of new vocabulary: North, East, ocean, beach, paradise, angel, flood, waterfall, as if, in time, to protect, possibility, to hike.

Examples of what you’ll learn:
How to exclaim your suspicion.
How to say what you would do.
How to compare things using simile
How to say that it’s time for something.
How to say that there’s a chance of something happening.
How to state terms used for the geographical features of nature.
How to state terms used for various supernatural beings as well as natural phenomena


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