Creamy Coconut 30: Where I’ll Stay
[duration: 39:10]
Storyline: Kawngkwan her parents for opinions on where she should live, on or off campus. Her parents had different points of view but it didn’t matter because she already had an answer in mind. What was her plan?

Examples of new vocabulary: Safety, convenience, love, knowledge, lazy, stingy, dormitory, to rent, to feel cramped, back and forth.

Examples of what you’ll learn:
How to ask someone for their opinion.
How to emphasize what is the problem.
How to say that you’re too lazy to do something.
How to say that A is much better compared to B.
How to exclaim that someone made a good point.
How to describe someone’s personality using the prefix “ขี้”.
How to say that there’s no need for someone to do something.
How to express abstract nouns such as cleanliness, love, happiness.


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