[sùpaasìt prajam wanníi]
Proverb of the Day.

จงใช้ชีวิตให้เหมือนใช้ smartphone
[jong chái chiiwít meǔan chái smartphone]
“Live your life like how you use a smartphone.”

[arai tîi tam hâi rao mii kwaam sùk, save wái]
Save… things that you make you happy.

[arai tîi tam hâi kon èun mii kwaam sùk, sòng tàw]
Forward… things that make others happy.…

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One word you may keep hearing throughout the Songkran (Thai New Year) festival is “เล่นน้ำ” [lên náam]. “เล่น” [lên] means “to play” and น้ำ [náam] means “water.” The literal meaning “เล่นน้ำ” [lên náam] is “to play with water,” and what that means is “to have fun splashing or throwing water as a way to celebrate the Thai New Year festival.”

The most common question you’re likely to hear during this festival is “จะไปเล่นน้ำที่ไหน” [jà pai lên náam tîi nǎi] which means “Where will you celebrate the festival [by throwing and splashing water]?” In fact, no one can celebrate the festival by only throwing water at other people, so “เล่นน้ำ” [lên náam] actually also includes being splashed or thrown water at.…

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A beautiful and unique “I Love Thailand” design in handwritten Thai script, with a red heart and a small Thai flag printed on various items including T-shirts, mugs and stickers. Products can be personalized with your name or your own text to make them more special. This design is not only unique, beautiful and stylish, it’s also a great way to express your love for Thailand and the Thai language.…

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Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“I have taken Skype lessons with Khru Jane for several months now. She is very kind, flexible, and makes learning fun. She uses humor to make each experience entertaining, and she is very patient with my many questions about the lesson, Thailand, and the culture, and very accommodating of my demanding work schedule.

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วันนี้ เราสองคนดีใจมากค่ะ
[wanníi rao sǎwng kon dii jai mâak kâ]
Today, we’re very happy.

[rao dâai ráp email jâeng kàao jàak Youtube wâa…]
We received a notification from Youtube saying that…

แชนเนิลยูทูปของเรามีคนติดตามเกิน 10,000 คนแล้ว
[channel Youtube kǎwng rao mii kon tìd tàam gern nèung mèun kon léaw]
Our Youtube channel has exceeded 10,000 subscribers.…

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Private Lessons with Mary Jane
“I’ve been learning Thai with khru Jane for about six months now. At the beginning I wasn’t really sure what to expect from these Skype lessons. But a few weeks later I was completely persuaded of it. I didn’t just want to follow the structure of the exercises given, I always wanted to make my own sentences and small conversations using the vocabulary from the exercises done together.…

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12 Months in Thai
A unique design featuring the names of the twelve months in Thai script on various useful products including T-shirts and calendars. Excellent for Thai learners or anyone who’s interested in Thai language and culture.

Featured Products

Thai Months Women's T-shirt

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Customizable Thailand Photo Calendar 2019

2019 Calendar with a carefully selected collection of beautiful photographs representing Thailand and Thai culture by Yuki Tachaya.

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Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“I have been taking weekly lesson with Khru Jane for almost six months. The lessons with Khru Jane are well structured with optional material to prepare in advance which serves as the lesson template. Despite the welcome structure, the lessons are by no means rigid; for large parts of the lesson Khru Jane naturally branches the conversation from the course material and in turn gently encourages and supports my attempts to express and understand the language on wherever the topic might lead.

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The word แย่ [yâe] is an adjective meaning “bad” or “terrible.” For example, “อากาศแย่” [aagàat yâe] bad weather, “รสชาติแย่” [rótchâat yâe] bad taste or “นิสัยแย่” [nísǎi yâe] bad attitude. However, when used as an adverb to intensify an adjective, it means “badly” or “terribly” as in “very” or “to a great degree.” However, we typically don’t use this word when we want to say “very.” As you may already know, we use the word “มาก [mâak].”

The colloquial idiom “[adj.] + แย่(เลย) [yâe (loei)]” is usually used in a response to someone’s statement, to speculate or make an assumption about the consequence that is likely to be true, of an action or a situation that happened, is happening or will happen.…

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A unique display of the numbers 1-10 written in Thai numerals and spelled out by name in Thai script on various useful products including clocks, watches, T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs and phone cases.


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Thai Numbers Wall Clock

Wall clock with the hours written in Thai numerals and spelled out in Thai script.…

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This collection features various cool and unique T-shirt designs that help you communicate with the local Thai people. One-of-a-kind gift for yourself or someone traveling to Thailand.

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Useful Thai Phrases for Tourists

T-shirt with the 14 most useful phrases for tourists traveling in Thailand; including “Hello,” “Thank you,” “No chillies,” “Check please,” “Where is the restroom?” and more!…

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