Learning Thai is FUN! Let Tamago show you.

PickupThai proudly introduces the first picture book ever created to teach the Thai language to non-native speakers, “วันที่น่าจดจำของเจ้าทามาโกะจอมขี้ลืม [wan tîi nâa jòt jam kɔ̌ɔng jâo Tamago jɔɔm kîi lʉʉm]” (The Unforgettable Day of Forgetful Tamago), available in three versions. Click here to see more details.…

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In Thai, we add the word “ขนาดนี้” [kanàad níi] or “ขนาดนั้น” [kanàad nán] after an adjective or an adverb to express a specific amount or extent of something. In other words, we say “ขนาดนี้” [kanàad níi] for “this much” and “ขนาดนั้น” [kanàad nán] for “that much.” Let’s take a look at the following examples for better understanding.…

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. . [Thai Tea] . .

If you say “Thai iced tea” or even “ชาไทย (Chaa Thai)” and Thai people don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, try “ชานมเย็น (Chaa-nom-yen)”! Most people in Thailand actually know the so-called “Thai tea” by either this name or “ชาเย็น (Chaa-yen)”

ชา [chaa] = Tea
นม [nom] = Milk
เย็น [yen] = Cold

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[yàak dâai peûan, lên Facebook]
Want friends? Use Facebook.

[yàak dâai pûu tìdtaam, lên Twitter]
Want followers? Use Twitter.

[yàak yùu kon diaw, lên Google+]
Want to be alone? Use Google+.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

yàak + verb = want to (do something)
yàak dâai + noun = want (something)…

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ตื่น [tèun] : to wake up, to be awake
ง่วง [ngûang] : to be tired/ sleepy
นอน [nawn] : to sleep, to be asleep

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วิธีบอกเลิกแฟน [wítii bàwk lêrk fan]
How to end a relationship with your girlfriend.

เราเลิกกันเถอะ [rao lêrk gan tèr]
= “Let’s break up.”

วิธีบอกเลิกเพื่อน [wítii bàwk lêrk pêuan]
How to end a relationship with your friend.

เป็นแฟนกันไหม [pen fan gan mái]
= “Will you be my girlfriend?”

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ครูสอนสังคม [khru sǎwn sǎng kom]
:: Social Studies teacher

ครูสอนดนตรี [khru sǎwn don trii]
:: Music teacher

ครูสอนพิมพ์ดีด [khru sǎwn pim dìit]
:: Typewriting teacher

ครูสอนถ่ายภาพ [khru sǎwn tàai pâap]
:: Photography teacher

ผู้อำนวยการ [phûu am nuai gaan]
:: School principal…

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