The word แย่ [yâe] is an adjective meaning “bad” or “terrible.” For example, “อากาศแย่” [aagàat yâe] bad weather, “รสชาติแย่” [rótchâat yâe] bad taste or “นิสัยแย่” [nísǎi yâe] bad attitude. However, when used as an adverb to intensify an adjective, it means “badly” or “terribly” as in “very” or “to a great degree.” However, we typically don’t use this word when we want to say “very.” As you may already know, we use the word “มาก [mâak].”

The colloquial idiom “[adj.] + แย่(เลย) [yâe (loei)]” is usually used in a response to someone’s statement, to speculate or make an assumption about the consequence that is likely to be true, of an action or a situation that happened, is happening or will happen.…

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A unique display of the numbers 1-10 written in Thai numerals and spelled out by name in Thai script on various useful products including clocks, watches, T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs and phone cases.

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Thai Numbers Wall Clock

Wall clock with the hours written in Thai numerals and spelled out in Thai script.…

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Private Lessons with Mary Jane

“I have been studying Thai with Kru Jane for about two months now and she has been wonderful. I have tried other study methods before and have not enjoyed it, but I am really enjoying Pick-up Thai and Kru Jane is a great teacher! Since studying with her, I have grown so much in my Thai speaking.

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This collection features various cool and unique T-shirt designs that help you communicate with the local Thai people. One-of-a-kind gift for yourself or someone traveling to Thailand.

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Useful Thai Phrases for Tourists

T-shirt with the 14 most useful phrases for tourists traveling in Thailand; including “Hello,” “Thank you,” “No chillies,” “Check please,” “Where is the restroom?” and more!…

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Now, PickupThai has a new fun way for you to learn Thai! We have launched stickers featuring Tamago sushi, the character from our e-picture book “The Unforgettable Day of Forgetful Tamago” for you to use when chatting with your Thai friends or family on LINE. Sending stickers will not only make chatting more fun but it will also help you learn new words and expressions and remember them without having to memorize.…

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In Thai, we add the word “ขนาดนี้” [kanàad níi] or “ขนาดนั้น” [kanàad nán] after an adjective or an adverb to express a specific amount or extent of something. In other words, we say “ขนาดนี้” [kanàad níi] for “this much” and “ขนาดนั้น” [kanàad nán] for “that much.” Let’s take a look at the following examples for better understanding.…

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. . [Thai Tea] . .

If you say “Thai iced tea” or even “ชาไทย (Chaa Thai)” and Thai people don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, try “ชานมเย็น (Chaa-nom-yen)”! Most people in Thailand actually know the so-called “Thai tea” by either this name or “ชาเย็น (Chaa-yen)”

ชา [chaa] = Tea
นม [nom] = Milk
เย็น [yen] = Cold

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[yàak dâai peûan, lên Facebook]
Want friends? Use Facebook.

[yàak dâai pûu tìdtaam, lên Twitter]
Want followers? Use Twitter.

[yàak yùu kon diaw, lên Google+]
Want to be alone? Use Google+.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

yàak + verb = want to (do something)
yàak dâai + noun = want (something)…

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ตื่น [tèun] : to wake up, to be awake
ง่วง [ngûang] : to be tired/ sleepy
นอน [nawn] : to sleep, to be asleep

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วิธีบอกเลิกแฟน [wítii bàwk lêrk fan]
How to end a relationship with your girlfriend.

เราเลิกกันเถอะ [rao lêrk gan tèr]
= “Let’s break up.”

วิธีบอกเลิกเพื่อน [wítii bàwk lêrk pêuan]
How to end a relationship with your friend.

เป็นแฟนกันไหม [pen fan gan mái]
= “Will you be my girlfriend?”

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