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สุขสันต์วันแม่ แม่ๆทุกคน
[sùk sǎn wan mâe, mâe mâe túk kon]
Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

วันนี้วันที่ 12 สิงหาคม ตรงกับวันแม่ของไทย
[wanníi wan tîi sìp sǎwng sǐng hǎa kom, trong gàp wan mâe kǎwng Thai]
Today is the 12th of August, which is Thai Mother’s Day.

[wan mâe pii níi pen wan tîi písèet sǎmràp chán]
This year’s Mother’s Day is a special day to me.…

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Learn all the useful and practical words and expressions on “Love and Relationships.” Some of the words are hard to find in a dictionary so trust us, you don’t want to skip this lesson even though you think you already know quite many of the words or phrases. Enjoy – ❤

สถานะ [satăaná] status
โสด [sòde] single
มีแฟนแล้ว [mii fan léaw] in a relationship
หมั้นแล้ว [mân léaw] engaged
แต่งงานแล้ว [tàeng ngan léaw] married
ยังไม่แต่งงาน [yang mâi tàeng ngan] not married
แต่งงาน มีลูกแล้ว [tàeng ngan mii lûuk léaw] married with children

ชอบ [chôrb] to like
แอบชอบ [àeb chôrb] to secretly like
สารภาพรัก [sărapâp rák] to confess one’s love
ให้ความหวัง [hâi kwaam wăng] to lead someone on
ขอคบ [kăw kób] to ask someone to be girlfriend/ boyfriend
ขอเป็นแฟน [kăw pen fan] ask someone to be girlfriend/ boyfriend
ความสัมพันธ์ [kwaam sămpan] relationship

คบ [kób] to date
แฟน [fan] girlfriend/ boyfriend
แฟนหนุ่ม [fan nùm] boyfriend
แฟนสาว [fan săao] girlfriend
แฟนคนแรก [fan kon râek] first girlfriend/ boyfriend
คนรัก [kon rák] romantic partner
ออกเดท [àwk dèet] to go on a date

รัก [rák] to love, love
ความรัก [kwaam rák] love
บอกรัก [bàwk rák] to say “I love you”
หลงรัก [lŏng rák] to fall in love
ตกหลุมรัก [tòk lŭum rák] to fall in love

สเปก [sapék] type (of guy/ of girl)
หน้าตาดี [nâataa dii] good-looking
หุ่นดี [hùn dii] good figure
บุคลิกดี [bùkkalík dii] good personality
นิสัยดี [nísăi dii] nice
สวย/ หล่อ [suăi / làw] beautiful/handsome
คนที่ใช่ [kon tîi châi] The one, Mr./ Mrs.…

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Compound Nouns that Contain the Word “น้ำ”

น้ำตก [nám tòk] waterfall
น้ำเชื่อม [nám chêuam] syrup
น้ำผึ้ง [nám pêung] honey
น้ำตาล [nám taan] sugar
น้ำแกง [nám gaeng] soup
น้ำตา [nám taa] tear
น้ำลาย [nám laai] saliva
น้ำใจ [nám jai] generosity
น้ำจิ้ม [nám jîm] dipping sauce
น้ำมนต์ [nám mon] sacred water
น้ำผลไม้ [náam pǒnlamáai] juice
น้ำดื่ม [náam deùm] drinking water
น้ำอัดลม [náam àdlom] soda, soft drink

Did you know that the word “น้ำ” [náam] usually has a long vowel but when it’s a part of a compound word, it is mostly short?…

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It’s FIFA World Cup time! PickupThai would love to help enhance your football watching experience with our special lesson on basic football terms in Thai. Some of these words can be used with other sports as well. You will have more fun talking to your Thai friends about the matches you watch or even understand the games better in Thai.…

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A super fun game for you to practice or challenge your Thai skills. If you’re a music lover, this game is going to be a lot of fun! If you’re not a music lover but a Thai lover, this game will still be fun! Either way, you’ll have fun with it!…

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Even though there are thousands of words in the Thai language for you to learn and memorize, the good news for English speakers is that nearly every language in this world borrows tons of words from English and Thai is no different. In this lesson, you will find a list of loan words from English that Thai people commonly use, as if they were Thai words.…

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Some words in Thai may have the same meaning but one is more formal than the other. In this Special of the Month’s lesson, you will get to learn useful vocabulary words that we use in everyday life and their more formal counterparts. The first word of each pair in the vocabulary list below is an informal term and the second is a formal term.

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Following are interesting quotes we have compiled from the Internet, most of which are inspiring and motivating. Some were originally in Thai, some translated from other languages. But either way, we provide both Thai and English versions, with audio (as always) so you can learn something about life from these quotes and pick up Thai at the same time.…

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